Update Apr.12.2018

Hello everyone! With all the work going towards creating new comics and getting them printed, there hasn’t been an update in awhile. Well here we are again, and I have exciting news.

The first update is there is store now for LostInMyNightmares.com! There are posters as well as T-shirts. New designs keep getting added so check them out. More merchandise variety may be added if interest arises. Do you want some LostInMyNightmares.com phone cases or beach towels?

Chivelry is Dead
No, not like that. There are some plans in the works to begin making videos. Possibly with a tie-in comic. As plans move forward, there will be more to say about the project. Really sure you guys will be excited.

Skeletal Army Rise of a War.
So, we all know you loved the first volume of Skeletal Army. We all know you’re dying for the next. Work is in progress, will have more information as things get closer to printing.

Howl in the Night
Now that isn’t the only comic in the fray. Howl in the Night is getting remastered and prepared for print. This exciting, it was one of the first, full-fledged works. So it’s a proud moment to have it printed.

The End is Nigh Chronicles
Now this one is still in the early stages. The End is Nigh was the first published novel. It was a long writing process of writes, edits. Chapter rewrites, chapter replacements, etc. With that said, the idea would be to bring in the “deleted scenes” to you by turning them into single run comics. Only have one currently in production, but if this moves forward there will be plenty to entertain.

So thank you for remaining fans -Shadow

Update Jan.19.18

Hello everyone! I realize it has been awhile since I’ve posted an update. I am sorry for that. I set the site to run its self and have been working diligently on my other projects. Though my day job has been its own distraction, I am proud to announce that the first issue of Skeletal Army starring Atyrus the Reaper from The Masks We Wear Season 07 is complete.
Now, it is time to go to the printers for an official release. I have some big plans for the release if people enjoy the series as much as I hope they do. Posters, and t-shirts and other goodies, oh my! First, though, I need help to get the first issues out. So please, visit my GoFundMe:

Donate Here (link closed)

Once the goal is met, I hit the printers for the first time and the issues begin to release. Anyone who donates $5 USD or more gets a signed copy and access to the digital book if they message with proof of donation. That said, any amount is helpful, even the couch change you find under the cushions. Thank you everyone.

Update Nov.25.17

I hope all my American fans enjoyed their Thanksgiving. Now that you’ve awoken from your food comas and fought your way through the Black Friday masses, here we are. As promised, Season 07 of The Masks We Wear is on it’s way. Look for it on the first Friday of December. The story of Lance and David continues, as a new threat arises.

With this new season, comes a side project. I’ve revived an old project and it’s going well. I hope to get more word out once the project moves forward, and once Season 07 gets into gear as the stories will tie in nicely. Well be on the lookout, and Lost In My Nightmares will see you soon.

Update Nov.04.2017

The Masks We Wear has finished its sixth season. I truly hope you’ve all enjoyed it. I’m going to give you some time to let it soak in before Season 7 kicks off but here is a glimpse. Hope to see you soon.
Season 7

Update Oct.11.2017

Lost In My Nightmares is still under constant change as we try to get the best set up to bring everything to the fans. There are now new tabs.

-Gaming tab now features links to watch stream
Howl In The Night tab now feature first full length graphic novel for viewing pleasure

Hope to bring more for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to continue to read and support The Masks We Wear as that series continues its sixth season and onward eventually to season 7!

Update Oct.9.2017

Lost In My Nightmares is under some maintenance currently. Even this page is new! Bare with us, and we hope you’ll enjoy the new look.

-Open now to a new splash page, as I’m sure you saw.
-All our featured banners have been reworked to fit better with website dimensions.
-Each season has been categorized together under their respectful banners on the
The Masks We Wear tab.
-The newest episode is now under
Latest Episodes tab.
-We’ve removed our side bars and moved Facebook and Twitter links to the website footer along with a visitor counter, let’s get those numbers up.
-There is a new tab to the website.
Artwork! You can view artwork done outside of The Masks We Wear. They’re mainly posters current, that some will hopefully go for sale at a later date if any are interested.
-Latestly, there is of course this page. Where posts will go between episodes. Detailing any website updates, new coming posts or general episode discussion. So stay tuned here.

I dearly hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the website. I’m sure more changes will come as we learn and grow. Hope you all enjoy The Masks We Wear and that you have fun getting lost in my nightmares.


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