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The End is Nigh
The End is Nigh

When governments fall, and the world population is left decimated, the world is left populated by blood thirsty beasts on the hunt. The remaining people are left to struggle and survive. Though their stories are full of hurt and darkness, some manage to find their way to each other and into the light. Together, can they survive against the beasts that prey upon them or should they worry about the beasts that walk among them?

Graphic Novels

Skeletal Army: The Reaper Falls

War had encompassed the land for as long as everyone could remember. there was a great warrior from the kingdom of Azenroth. All warriors knew him for his brutality, and his ghoulish face paint. Seeing him enter the battlefield always brought fear to enemy armies. He was… Atyrus the Reaper

Skeletal Army: Rise of a War

The Reaper has returned. Betrayed by the king he served his entire life. Now in death, he has come for revenge. The skeletal Army has risen, out for the blood of the living. Now, with the dead at the ready… War Begins.

Skeletal Army: Ultima Bellum

Skeletal Army: The Collection