Game 4 Life (anthony) 24x36
“When the army of Nazi zombies rise, it is up to the characters of our favorite game franchises to stand against them. Master Chief of Halo, Isaac Clarke of Dead Space, Lara Croft of Tomb Raider and Anthony Carmine of Gears of War all stand for humanity, or are they simply Left 4 Dead?”

“Arcades use to be full of the sounds of retro games like Pacman, but a sinster tone has encompassed the arcade. Once the thrill of children, this Pacman is now the thing of nightmares. The ghosts no longer hope to catch him, they simply hope to survive.”

Go Forth
Go Forth
“A demon decended upon an old graveyard. When a werewolf’s howl filled the night air, the graves began to quake as the dead emerged to find their victims.”

Gears of War
“The Carmine family are a staple in the Gears of War franchise. Clay Carmine was the only brother to survive through an entire installment. He had a commemorative tattoo on his arm for his brothers Anthony and Benjamin. This rendition is a celebration of the characters used in multiplayer by (Xbox gamertag: Shadows Reign) on every Gears of War since the first release.”

Marvel’s Venom
“Marvel has a long history of amazing stories. One of the most widely known heroes is Spider-man. One of his best villians is Venom. A personal favorite, his ferocious nature is fully shown in this simplistic design.”