S08E10 – Then There Was One


“That’s my parents,” David gasped, “I’ve got to save them.”
David tried to dash in but was stopped by Lance.
“We have to think about this before we just charge in,” Lance explained.
“No,” David uttered hysterically, “It’s my parents.”
Lance got stern and quickly smacked David on the back of the head, knocking him out.
“I’ll figure this out,” Lance muttered to the unconscious David, “These people need you, you can’t keep sacrificing yourself.”
Lance turned and walked out into Legion’s spectacle.

“You’re mine David!” Legion exclaimed.
“No!” David shouted as he ran into the square from the alley the heroes were hiding in prior.
“What,” Legion gasped.
A flurry of thoughts rushed through Legion’s mind. His eyes beginning to glow red as Lance’s personalities rushed through his mind. He began to let out a gruntled scream. Legion could not handle all that Lance’s mind held as it funneled through his own. The eerie red glow turned to flames before Legion’s head erupted in flames before his body collapsed to the ground. His skull was sent rolling, still wrapped his smoldering mask.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” David exclaimed as he slid to the ground next to Lance, “Come on. Wake up.”
David shook Lance trying to wake him but there was no response. Around David, people began to reawake and removing their masks.
“What the hell happened?” Anthony asked looking around.
“The last thing I remember,” Suzanne muttered, “was answering the door to that strange man.”
Suzanne let out a startled gasp as she spotted Legion’s corpse. Everyone’s gaze turned to the masked David and Lance.
“Hollow?” a SWAT member muttered moving quickly to help, “What happened?”
“He stopped Legion,” David explained between his frantic gasps, “He won’t wake up.”
The police checked Lance and discovered he was still breathing. The police managed to call for help over the now working radios. David stayed with Lance as they rode in the ambulance to the hospital. The hospital was a mess, but they managed to get setup for Lance once they realized who he was. They had him in his own private room. David made sure everyone was safe, especially his parents before returning to the hospital to visit.
“Have you heard anything?” David asked standing outside Lance’s room.
“It seems Master Athens is in a coma,” Johnathan explained, “They aren’t quite sure when he’ll wake up. If ever.”
“He sacrificed himself for these people,” David said looking around at the other hospital visitors.
“No, he saved these people,” Johnathan said, “but he did this for you. You’re his hero.”
Johnathan placed his hand on David’s shoulder.
“You’re a hero to all these people,” Johnathan continued, “He knew they’d need you.”
“You’re right,” David sniffled, “Especially now, this city is healing. We have to come together.”
“Master Athens told me,” Johnathan explained further, “If anything ever happened. You have full use of his resources.”
“Oh my God,” David muttered shaking Johnathan’s hand, “Thank you so much.”
“Of course,” Johnathan said, “If you need anything, I’ll be a call away.”
“What will you do now?” David asked.
“I’ll continue my watch over him,” Johnathan said looking back in the room at Lance, “I made a promise to his parents I plan on keeping.”
“Thanks again Johnathan,” David said pulling him in for a hug.
“Of course,” Johnathan chuckled.
The military had moved in and began to help repair the broken city. Things slowly moved back to normal, and their hero returned to his diligent post watching over the city.


“Okay guys,” David excitedly said as he entered his apartment, “Here we are!”
David set the box he was carrying down and let it open. Out sprung two young kittens, who began to explore the apartment.
“I’ll always miss you, Ms. Pond,” David said looking at the picture he had set up of her. “But this apartment is too empty without someone scurrying around.”
“Kira,” David said petting his primarily black kitten.
“L,” David said petting his primarily white kitten.
“Welcome Home.”


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