S08E09 – Bring The Rain


“David, I have a treat for you,” Legion proclaimed into the microphone, the speakers so loud it vibrated the windows through the city.
“That should get his attention,” a masked police officer said while standing next to Legion.
“Come say hello to mommy and daddy,” Legion shouted into the microphone, the reverb causing several windows facing the square to crack.
‘Whoops,” a masked woman on the other side of Legion chuckled.
A hooded figure started slowly walking into the square. Legion could see the painted smile across the mask.
“You finally come out of hiding,” Legion said into the microphone, the sound echoed between the buildings.
“Can probably turn that down now,” a masked man near the audio controls chuckled before turning the volume dial.
“David?” Suzanne shouted, “You’re The Hollow?”
“My sons a hero?” Anthony questioned, a sense of pride in his voice.
“Have you come to save mommy and daddy?” Legion asked into the microphone.
The figure lunged forward towards Suzanne and Anthony. A group of masked SWAT members caught the figure. The figure evaded the police but was caught with another grapple. The SWAT team began trading blows with the figure,
“You know,” Legion said into the microphone, “This fight is missing something.”
Droplets began raining down over the area. The figure staggered before noticing masked people on the surrounding building’s roofs spraying hoses. A dart into the back of the figure causing them to fall to the ground.
“Oh David,” a SWAT member said as he walked up to the figure and crouched the figure’s level, “Didn’t expect the tranquilizer dart?”
The figure crawled while gasping for breath. They looked up and saw as Anthony and Suzanne walked over to them, both now in masks.
“Did I forget to mention?” Anthony chuckled crouching down to the figures level.
“Mommy and Daddy are all mine,” Suzanne said crouching down on the figures other side.
The figure made inaudible noises while still on the ground. Legion walked over from his podium.
“Let’s get him up,” Legion said as the SWAT members lifted the figure to their knees.
Legion wrapped his hands around the figure’s head.
“You’ve resisted me for long enough,” Legion chuckled, “Now you’re mine.”
Legion’s eyes began to glow an eerie color as all his power went into converting David. All the masked people around them began to collapse as he released control of them.
“You’re mine, David!” Legion exclaimed.
“No!” David shouted as he ran into the square from the alley the heroes were hiding in prior.
“What,” Legion gasped.


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