S08E08 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The walls were painted in rot and filth. The river of sewer beneath David and Lance’s feet churned their stomachs. Lance had never been in such a low place having grown up in a mansion.
“This is awful,” Lance muttered picking half decayed toilet paper off his foot as the duo stepped up on a ledge.
“You don’t have to tell me,” David said as he brushed off a crate and sat on it.
“How does anything live down here?” Lance asked as he saw rats scurry along the wall.
“You’d be surprised what things can survive,” David said as he remembered his time being homeless.
The sewer tunnels were dark, and moisture gathered on every surface. The scent of the running sewer waste seemed to flow with the current. Mold grew on the walls and rats scurried around trying to find food to survive.
“We are so screwed,” Lance asked.
“We just need to come up with a plan,” David muttered.
“Doesn’t seem like anything we’ve done has done anything,” Lance exclaimed.
“I’m aware,” David said sternly.
“This Legion guy definitely has the upper hand,” Lance stated, panic clearly in his voice.
“That’s just it,” David explained, “Its just one guy. He’s just controlling the rest of them. We just have to stop Legion himself.”
“That’s easier said than done,” Lance responded.
“I’ve done it before,” David said, “or at least I thought. This time we’ll just be sure.”
“What do we do?” Lance asked.
“I think I’ve got a spare costume,” David explained, “We’ll both dress the same. Try not to use our powers and play swap game.”
“What?” Lance exclaimed, “That’s the best you got?”
“Legion’s just after me,” David explained, ‘He won’t know who to go for and we can get one of us to the real Legion.”
“That just sounds crazy,” Lance said.
“When dealing with crazy, we have to do crazy,” David said standing up off the crate.
‘I suppose you’re right,” Lance said putting up in front of him.
David reciprocated the gesture and the two smiled with hope before David noticed a rat on Lance’s shoulder just before Lance did as well. Lance began frantically flailing around while David laughed hysterically at him.
The duo managed to sneak their way to David’s apartment for his other costume before noticing there was a gathering in the city square again. After Lance suited up, the two made their way towards the square. They spied on the gathering and saw two people were on the stage, tied to posts again. A look of fright washed over David’s face under his mask.
“That’s my parents.”


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