S08E07 – Tonight We Dine in Hell


Wes slinked back into his apartment building. He worked his way into his apartment, carrying various bags of food he managed to buy from one of the last open stores. His family put the barricade back against the door once he was in.
“I’m so glad your home,” Ellie said as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.
“It’s getting crazier out there,” Wes explained after returning the kiss and setting down the bags.
“What do you mean dad?” Johnny said as he started going through the bags his dad bought.
“Something has those masked freaks riled up,” Wes explained as he took off his coat.
“Think it could be Hollow?” Ellie asked stopping Johnny from getting to the food since she was going to make dinner soon.
“I doubt it,” Wes said as he walked over to his family to help put the food away, “We saw that fight between him and Legion. If he even survived, he’s been gone so long. He’s not coming back.”
“I hope he’s back,” Johnny said, “He was so cool.”
The family could hear some movement in the hall outside their apartment.
“Sounds like Mrs. Henderson is on the move again,” Ellie said.
“I’d help her with her trash,” Wes said as he looked over at the door, “but it’s so dangerous out there.”
The noise outside the apartment increased.
“Sounds like she’s really struggling,” Ellie pointed out.
“I better go lend her a hand,” Wes said beginning to walk to the door before a scream came from out in the hall, “Go, hide!”
There was a slam against the apartment door, followed by another as the family tried to hide. The slamming continued until the door burst open, sending the makeshift barricade crashing to the floor. Legion masked police flooded into the apartment, their guns drawn. They fanned out and dragged the family, kicking and screaming, back into the living room.
“Where is he?” one of the masked officers asked.
“Where is who?” Wes muttered, his family at gunpoint on their knees behind him.
“Don’t play with me,” the masked officer exclaimed smashing his gun into Wes’s head knocking him to the floor, “Where is the Hollow?”
“He’s gone,” Ellie whimpered, “You killed him already.”
“No,” the masked officer behind her said, “I saw him in this city again, and I will find him.”
“He’s back?” Johnny exclaimed excitedly.
“Oh, are you a fan?” a masked police officer said as he squatted down to Johnny’s eye level.
“Leave him al-,” Wes shouted before being knocked to the ground again.
“Yes,” Johnny explained, “He’s so cool.”
“Hm,” the masked policed officer said as he stood back up, “Yes, so cool. I think it’s time I show you something cool I do to Hollow fans.”
“No!” Ellie yelled.
The entire building erupted in a fireball explosion. The debris collapsed in a massive cloud of smoke. The shine of the fire glimmered off the Legion mask of the suited man standing outside the building.
“I will find you, David,” Legion grumbled.
“I will find you!” voices throughout the city yelled in unison.


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