S08E06 – I Just Felt Like Running


“What’re we going to do?” Lance asked, panting with every running step.
“For now, we keep running,” David said, looking around for pursuers as he kept up.
“I can’t keep this up,” Lance explained as he stopped to catch his breath, “I’m still running on fumes here.”
“I know, me too,” David responded as he stopped with Lance, “but Legion could come from anywhere.”
“Oh, you mean like here?” a woman in a Legion mask asked as she stepped out of the building next to the duo.
David quickly grappled the woman quickly.
“David,” the woman chuckled, “will you just give up?”
“No,” David announced as he landed a punch to the woman, knocking her unconscious, before he turned to Lance, “We’ve got to move.”
The two began running again, looking for an escape. Dealing with attackers as they emerged into the street.
“David,” a masked man said before Lance knocked him out.
“…and you,” another masked man proclaimed walking over the body, “You’re really starting to piss me off.”
“Good,” Lance said as he also knocked that man out.
David and Lance cut through an alleyway into another block and emerged to find a gathering of Legion masked gang members.
“Oh shit,” David exclaimed as the two stopped in shock.
The masked gang members lunged at the duo. One swung his bat at Lance, but Lance evaded it and managed to knock him back before another attacked him with a knife. David dodged a girl who was swinging a chain. The chain sparked as it struck the pavement every time David avoided it. With another swing, David caught the chain and wrapped it around his arm. Sparks of electricity emanated from David’s eyes. The masked girl stepped back for a moment as the bolts hit the chain, but they fizzled out.
“Oh, that tickled,” the masked woman chuckled, “Having performance issues?”
“I’m being judged by bad 80s rejects,” David muttered, gasping some from being worn out still.
Lance was managing to keep his attackers at bay until he was hit in the back of the head by a bat. The Legion gang left him motionless on the ground and gathered around David to subdue him.
“I’m going to have so much fun with you,” the entire gang said in unison.
“Not as much fun as I’m going to have,” Hades growled as he arose, covered in his smoldering flesh.
“Well, you’re full of surprises, aren’t you?” the Legions questioned again in unison.
“You have no idea,” Hades growled as he attacked the gang.
The masked man with the bat swung at Hades but Hades caught it. The bat sizzled and cracked as the masked man dropped the charred husk of a bat to the ground. With a backhand, he sent to man collapsing to the ground, the Legion mask skidding across the pavement. The masked man with the knife lunged at Hades but Hades caught him by the throat and lifted him into the air. Char began to spread from Hades grasps as Legion’s hold over of the man faded leaving him to scream in agony. Fire burst from his eyes before Hades threw him to the side.
“Hades, stop!” David exclaimed, still caught in the masked woman’s chain.
“I’m just getting started,” Hades snarled as he walked towards the masked woman.
“What are you?” the masked woman asked.
“A nightmare,” Hades growled.
“A nightmare?” the masked woman chuckled, “You’ve seen nothing yet.”
David noticed that more of Legion were making their way towards the fight.
“Lance!” David shouted, “Get control of yourself!”
Lance’s consciousness flashed back into control and saw the oncoming Legion. He looked at David quickly and punched the ground sending up a cloud of smoke and ash the covered the heroes. As the Legion arrived, the cloud cleared, revealing the heroes were gone.
“Hide and seek, huh?” a masked police officer announced with a chuckle before shouting while looking around, “Olly olly oxen free!”


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