S08E05 – Expect Us


David sat on the couch as Lance left the apartment, staring at his mask.
Come on David. You can do this.
“You really can,” Astrid said as she laid her hand on David’s thigh.

David looked over to where she would have been sitting.
“You really think so?” David asked.
“David, I know so,” Astrid assured, “You’re stronger than you give yourself credit.”
“I thought I was,” David explained, “but…”
“No but,” Astrid interrupted moving her hand to David’s face, “There was a reason I fell in love with you. Remember that.”
Astrid put David’s mask on him.
“You can do this.”

“I can do this,” David said before merging into the electrical stream.
A Legion masked man leaned towards Legion who sat upon a throne in the disheveled City Hall.
“We should probably prepare,” the masked man said.
“Prepare?” Legion asked while sipping on a drink.
“You know he’s coming,” the masked man explained.
“So?” Legion said as he set down his cup.
“So?” the masked man asked, “We should be ready.”
“I think we’re fine,” Legion muttered.
“You know you’re talking to yourself, right?” the masked man explained.
“Shut up,” Legion barked as he slid his mask back on and walked out to the balcony.
Legion looked out into the city square and saw David standing in the open.
“Legion!” David growled.
“Holy shit,” Legion chuckled into his microphone, “You actually came.”
“We have some things to settle,” David shouted.
“I think you’re right,” Legion announced.
A swarm of SWAT members in Legion masks rushed in and aimed their guns at David.
“Although I enjoy playing games,” one of the SWAT members said, “This just isn’t fun anymore.”
Electricity emanated from David’s eyes as the SWAT members prepared to fire at him. Suddenly, a streak of red cut through them knocking their guns from their hands. Lance slid to a stop next to David.
“Ganging up one guy?” Lance asked, “That’s not very nice.”
“Awe how cute,” Legion chuckled, “You brought a friend. Think you guys can handle…”
Voices came from throughout the city in unison, “Two versus one?”


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