S08E04 – We Are Legion


David rummaged through his closet, tossing various items on the floor.
I know it’s in here.</strong.
“What are you looking for?” Lance asked as he leaned in the doorway.
“Well, we didn’t bring out suits,” David said as his hand hit his target, “Ah, there it is.”
David lifted a white mask out of the pile in the closet.
“I didn’t always have the fancy suit,” David explained, “I’ve still got some of my old stuff from when I started.”
“You’re suiting up?” Lance questioned as he looked over the mask David handed him, “I thought the whole reason we didn’t bring our suits was that we didn’t want to get noticed.”
“I need to make sure my parents are okay,” David retorted as he stood from the floor, “or more, I need you to.”
“Me?” Lance asked puzzled as he handed David back the mask.
“Legion will expect me to check on them,” David explained, “So I’ll need you to make sure they’re okay.”
“What will you do?” Lance questioned.
“I’ll be the distraction,” David proclaimed as he put on his hooded sweatshirt.
Lance made his way to the house, following David’s directions. It seemed like this neighborhood had remained untouched by the plight of Legion’s rampage, but Lance wanted to be sure. He looked through the window and saw David’s mother watching television. The sound of a lawnmower was coming from the backyard, so he moved and peeked over the fence to see David’s father mowing the lawn.
Lance decided to go say hello. He walked up the front steps and knocked on the door.
“Coming,” Suzanne announced as she made her way to the door and opened it, “Hello.”
“Hello ma’am,” Lance muttered, “I’m a friend of your sons.”
“Oh God,” Suzanne gasped, “Is he okay?”
“Yeah, he’s fine,” Lance explained, “He just wanted me to check on you.”
“Please come in,” Suzanne said allowing Lance to enter, “Can I get you anything?”
“No, I’m fine thank you,” Lance said as he looked around, “Lovely home.”
“Thank you,” Suzanne said as she ushered Lance into the living room where they sat down, “So you know David? He’s okay?”
“He is,” Lance answered, still mildly nervous.
“I’ve been so worried about him,” Suzanne explained, “with everything going on in the city. I hadn’t heard from him.”
“I will admit,” Lance explained, “He went through a rough patch but he’s alright ma’am.”
“That’s so good to hear,” Suzanne said with a sigh of relief, “He may not show it, but Anthony will be happy to hear that too.”
“He will be glad to hear you’re both okay too,” Lance said, “I should be going.”
“So soon?” Suzanne asked.
“Yeah, just wanted to check in,” Lance explained.
“Oh, alright,” Suzanne said as she showed Lance to the door, “Tell David to come see us sometime soon.”
“I will,” Lance said as he left, “Goodbye.”
“Bye, bye,” Suzanne said as she shut the door.
“Who was that?” Anthony asked as he walked into the room from the back.
“Oh, that was a friend of David’s,” Suzanne explained as she walked back into the living room, “Just wanted to let us know David is okay.”
“That‘s good to hear,” Anthony said before turning away with a chuckle under his breath, “Good indeed.”


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