S08E03 – We Are Many


After straightening up David’s apartment up from the destruction that it had gone through, David and Lance sat on the couch. David tried to turn on the television, even though it had a big crack across the screen, but there was no power.
“Well shit,” David sighed.
“You do realize you’re a walking battery, right?” Lance pointed out.
“I forget about it sometimes, okay?” David said as he pulled the television power cord from the wall.
Electricity emanated from David’s eyes as the television powered on. It was still on the news channel. The anchor was wearing Legion’s mask.
“Is that him?” Lance asked.
“One of him,” David muttered.
“Welcome to Legion News,” the anchor said while shuffling some papers, “I’m your news anchor, Michael Etoris.”
“Well, he’s funny,” Lance chuckled.
“He’s also insane,” David said as he sat on the couch, power cord still in his hand.
“The search for the masked menace known as Hollow still continues,” the news anchor explained, “If you spot him, tell your local station guard. They are there for your safety against lawbreakers.”
The news anchor chuckled.
These poor people.
“Now let’s go over to Stormy Weathers for a weather update,” the anchor announced as the camera switched over to a woman in a tight dress and another Legion mask.
“Things have been hot lately,” the weather woman explained.
“I’m sure the fires don’t help,” the news anchor retorted.
“They sure help me,” the weather woman pointed out.
The news anchor chuckled along with the weather woman.
“We should have some storms rolling in,” the weather woman said, “So be on the lookout for some rain.”
“Sure does rain a lot,” a Legion masked man in a football uniform announced from off-screen.
“It really does,” the weather woman said before the camera panned back to original news anchor.
“Is that you David?” the news anchor asked.
Oh shit.
“Does he know you’re back?” Lance uttered.
“There’s no way,” David murmured, in shock.
“I’m just kidding,” the news anchor said as Lance and David let out a sigh of relief, “He’s too weak to ever return.”
“Bull,” Lance proclaimed.
“We really need to deal with him,” David said, “These people have been through enough.”


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