S08E02 – We Do Not Forget


The thunder rolled through the night sky. There had been fierce rainstorms lately over Fulgar City, the ground was still damp. Lightning streaked through the sky before a bolt struck into the middle of a dense cornfield. From the smoke, stood Lance and David. Both wore basic clothes, and David had changed his look so Legion would not immediately recognize him.
“So, where are we?” Lance asked as he looked around.
“Outside the city,” David said looking around as well.
David remembered waking up in this field after he had gotten his powers.
“I’ve been out here before,” David continued, “No one will see us.”
“Let’s get moving then I suppose,” Lance suggested as he began walking, “We’ve got work to do.”
“Agreed,” David responded as he started walking as well.
As the duo got close to the city, they realized the military had walled off the city. No one was allowed out, and especially no one was allowed in.
“Shit,” David said as he looked at all the armed soldiers guarding the wall, “This is new.”
“I think I can handle this,” Lance proclaimed
Lance grabbed David and the two darted past the guards. With Lance’s speed, the guards were none the wiser the heroes were near, let alone ran past them.
Some people still walked the streets, but it still seemed desolate compared to the usual bustling of the city. David noticed that the walls they walked by had wanted posters plastered all over them with his mask on them.
Well, that’s no good.
David motioned toward Lance and the two slipped into an alleyway before any of armed watchmen on the street noticed them. The pair made their way through back alleys and side streets. They passed a house and saw it was completely covered in graffiti.
I’m so sorry Mendez.
The duo continued until they hit David’s block. There was a convenience store that had the windows boarded up and a closed sign hanging over the door.
The place where I met Astrid. The place deserves better than that.
The two checked to make sure no one was watching them and slipped into David’s building. David’s apartment had its door blocked with Police tape. David ripped the tape down and they made their way inside. The place was full of memories, both good and bad.
Astrid smiled at David as she curled up next to him on the couch. Her head resting gently on his chest as she drifted off to sleep.
A tear formed in David’s eye, but he wiped it away before Lance noticed.
“So, you lived here?” Lance asked as he looked around the apartment.
“Home sweet home,” David muttered as his gaze drifted to the floor.
David noticed a carcass that had bugs crawling on it. David kneeled next to it, his gaze lost to it.
Ms. Pond. I can’t believe what he did to you. He will pay.
David gathered Ms. Pond while Lance continued to check out the apartment. Lance waited on the couch as David went outside and buried her peacefully.
“I’m sorry this is what you had to come back to,” Lance muttered.
“Now you see,” David said as he sat down, exhausted from the emotion flooding back through him, “Now we save this city.”


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