S08E01 – We Do Not Forgive


It seemed like the clouds were always dark over Fulgar City ever since their guiding light had vanished. The city had become a combination of both looting criminals but also a strict totalitarian government. Everyone lived in fear on a daily basis. Everyone.
“I didn’t do nothing man,” Diego shouted as two masked figures dragged him up the stairs, “I’m innocent!”
The two figures tied him to a post at the top of the stairs and then walked down to stand guard. Diego looked around the city square frantically for anyone to help him. A crowd was gathered around the stage at gunpoint by the masked police. They all hated these mass spectacles, but they would be up next to Diego if they resisted.
“Please,” Diego pleaded, “Someone help.”
“They won’t help,” Edna muttered.
Diego looked next to him and saw there was an elderly woman on the pole next to his. He noticed her battered face and saw that he recognized her. Before he could react, a figure emerged on the balcony above him. The crowd reluctantly cheered for him.
“Greetings my fair city,” Legion proclaimed with his hands in the air.
Legion adjusted the crown he had given himself then leaned into a microphone.
“Here we are again,” Legion announced, “to dish out some necessary justice.”
“God, please!” Diego shouted, “I’m sorry, okay?”
“Here we have someone who thought it was okay to steal from a little old lady,” Legion said pointing to Diego, “Maybe she needed that money sir, did you ever think of that?”
Diego began to sob, his pleads became inaudible.
“And here we have an elderly woman who thought it was okay to shoot at someone just trying to make some money for himself,” Legion continued, “Maybe he needed to feed his family. Some starving little children. Ever think of that?”
The elderly woman groaned, too weak to actually respond.
“No, you just thought of yourselves,” Legion remarked, “That’s just appalling, absolutely criminal. So, find you guilty.”
The crowd continued their uneasy silence.
“The sentence is death,” Legion announced.
The Legion masked police turned to the stage and grabbed the torches next to the steps.
“Don’t do this!” Diego shouted before the entire stage was engulfed in flames.
The pair’s screams echoed through the city buildings, soon joined by Legion’s manic laughing.
“Let that be a lesson to you all,” Legion proclaimed into the microphone.
The masked police aimed their guns at the crowd.
“Don’t break the rules,” all the masked figures said in unison.


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