S07E10: Not Much of a Cliffhanger


“Thank you, Johnathan,” Lance said as he adjusted himself in the bed.

“Of course, sir,” Johnathan said as he packed up the medical kit, “Do try to be more careful next time.”

“I’ll have to try that,” Lance chuckled.

Johnathan smirked as he exited the room, nearly running into David.

“I’m sorry,” Johnathan said as he worked his way past David.

“No, I’m sorry,” David retorted, “How is he?”

“He’s fine,” Johnathan explained, “Some scrapes and bruises but seems those things fixed him up good as new.  He’ll just be a little sore for a while.”

“Thank you,” David said as he continued into Lance’s room.

“You really didn’t have to check on me,” Lance chuckled as David came in.

“Listen, I watched you get stabbed,” David said, “Had to make sure those things did as they said.”

I’ve lost enough.

“I’m fine,” Lance said wincing as he moved in the bed, “Well, mostly fine.  We should probably get back to training soon.”

“Actually, I was thinking about that,” David explained, “I think you’re ready.”

“I’m ready?” Lance asked.

“You really handled yourself out there,” David continued, “and seemed like you’ve got a handle on all your power.”

David leaned against the end of the bed.

“I think we can handle Legion,” David said.

“We can take on Legion?” Lance questioned as he sat up quickly.

“I think so,” David said.

I hope so.

“After everything you’ve told me,” Lance muttered leaning back again, “I don’t know.”

“I beat him before,” David explained, “Together we can beat him for good.”

Lance sat and pondered for a moment.  The stories David had told him rolling over in his head until finally, he decided.

“I’m in,” Lance proclaimed.


“Well heal up,” David said as he began to walk out of the room, “We’ll have to get more training in.”

Lance nodded in agreement before David walked out of the room.  He could hear David from down the hall,

“I’m heading home!”


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