S07E09: Prince of Persia The Sands of Time


“These are pathetic illusions,” Atyrus called out as he walked through the mirrored maze.

Atyrus moved through the halls, his reflection filling the mirrors.  Echoing themselves throughout the area.  He knelt and found the blood trail left by Lance.

“My father took me hunting when I was a boy,” Atyrus announced as he stood, “I know how to track a wounded animal.”

On the other side of the maze, David and Lance continued to shuffle their way through.

“We’re screwed,” Lance muttered.

“I’ve been in worse situations,” David answered as he continued to carry Lance.

“Listen,” Lance said as he caused them to stop, “This is ironic coming from me but I’m slowing you down.  Leave me so you have a chance to stop him.”

“Shut up,” David barked as he started their walk again, “I’ve lost enough people.  Not losing more.”

Meanwhile, in the realm of eternity, Death sat sullenly.  His gaze turned to the grains of time and he saw that the flow had changed.  He shifted to the sands and stared.

“Atyrus,” Death growled.

Death raised his claw to a fist as the sands began to churn.  Creatures of darkness and sand clawed their way from the eternal sand.  As they emerged into humanoid form, they were cloaked in robes of red.  They stood ready for word from their master.


“Go, and bring me The Reaper of Azenroth,” Death ordered.

The Wraiths of Time burst into nothingness.

“I am really tired of him,” Death snarled as he sat back down.

In the mall, David went crashing through the mirror and the wall behind it.  Atyrus walked out dragging an unconscious Lance.

“Is this what warriors have become?” Atyrus questioned in disappointment.

“How about I show you?” Hades responded as the smoke of his smoldering arms drifted into Atyrus’s view.

Atyrus jumped back with his sword at the defense as Hades sent a torrent of flames at him. Atyrus swung his sword extinguishing the flames.

“I’ve dealt with worse fire than that,” Atyrus proclaimed as he plunged his sword into Lance’s torso.

“No!” David shouted as he regained consciousness.

The air around them began to whirl as the room filled with sand before the Time Wraiths formed into existence.  No one was able to move.

“Free me, demons,” Atyrus snarled.

The wraiths spoke like their voices were carried on the wind.

“Atyrus,” the wraiths spoke in unison, “you’ve altered the stream of time.  You’re now coming with us.”

“I will scatter you across the sewers like the shit you are,” Atyrus growled.

Sand whirled around Atyrus’s feet, wrapping around him.  The sand encased him and he melted into the ground his scream bellowed.

“Please save him,” David pleaded while he looked over to Lance bleeding on the ground.

The Time Wraiths looked over at Lance.  One moved over to him and placed its hand on his chest.  After a moment, Lance started panting from the shock of being healed.

“We cannot fix all Atyrus has changed in time, but he shall live,” the wraiths explained before bursting from existence once more.

“What happened?” Lance questioned, still delirious.

“We saved the day,” David muttered as he made his way over to Lance and helped him up.

“I doubt that one,” Lance said sarcastically.

“Let’s get out of here,” David chuckled before the duo made their exit.


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