S07E08: Grand Wizard’s Wonderland and Magic Emporeum


“Where is he?” Atyrus growled as a man struggled in his boney clutches.

“I-I don’t know,” the man muttered.

“Then you’re worthless to me,” Atyrus bark as he plunged his sword into the man.

“Hey!” David shouted as he and Lance arrived behind Atyrus.

Atyrus turned and cast the lifeless body of his victim to the side.

“Okay,” Lance murmured, “You’re a skeleton in armor.  That’s new.”

“I am Atyrus the Reaper,” he explained.

“I’ve met the reaper,” David returned, “you’re definitely not him.  Too short, and too much clown paint.”

“We are tattooed at the celebration of our first kill,” Atyrus growled readying his sword, “I’m getting sick and tired of the lack of respect.”

“Whatever you say Skeletor,” David snickered, “How about you stop killing these innocent people?”

“Innocent?” Atyrus asked with a chuckle, “None of these pathetic peasants are innocent.  The king has betrayed me, and I will my vengeance.”

“Not today,” Lance muttered before darting toward Atyrus.

Atyrus sidestepped his punch and managed to slice his sword across Lance’s legs sending him tumbling.  Lance let out a yell while holding his wounds.

“Such speed,” Atyrus pointed out, “are you acolytes of the wizard?”

“The wizard?” Lance sobbed.

“That’s enough!” David shouted as he bolted toward Atyrus.

Atyrus turned while swinging his sword quickly.  David managed to catch the sword before it could slice into him.  David’s eyes locked with the darkness of Atyrus’s skull as he began to radiate his electricity through the sword.

“Nice try,” Atyrus growled, “but I’ve fought my way through hell.  You don’t have a chance.”

Atyrus dropped his sword and grabbed David, throwing him sliding over to Lance.  David helped up Lance, letting Lance lean against him.

“You pale magicians,” Atyrus ordered, “take me to your grand wizard.”

“He wants magic,” Lance muttered through the pain, “Come on.”

Lance and David shuffled through the mall, Atyrus in tow.  They took shelter in one of the shops.

“You cannot run from me,” Atyrus called out as he followed them in.


The store was the best-known magic stores in the area.  It was where many magicians went to get their props or even amateurs went for fun party tricks.  In the back, was a series of displays setup including a hall of funhouse mirrors since it was carnival season.  This is where Lance and David hid.

“I will not be tricked again,” Atyrus snarled as he entered the mirror maze.


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