S07E07: Remembrance


David was walking down the hall towards the bathroom to take a shower.  His towel in his hand and bag of batteries in the other.  He walked past Lance’s room, the door was open.  He peered inside and saw that Lance was polishing his necklace.


“I’ve noticed how you’re always taking such care of that necklace,” David blurted out as he walked into Lance’s room, startling Lance some, “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s fine,” Lance said continuing to polish his necklace, “It was my mom’s.”

“Oh,” David said, feeling uncomfortable about asking.

“My dad got it for her,” Lance said with a tearful smile, “She wore it everywhere.  She had it on the night everything happened.”

Lance put the necklace back on.

“I’m sorry,” David murmured.

“It’s fine,” Lance said as he stood with a smirk, “I always have her near my heart.”

“Excuse me gents,” Johnathan said over a loud speaker system, “You may want to come down here.”

“We better go,” Lance said wiping his already drying eyes.

“Fuck I was about to shower,” David groaned.

Lance headed down as David bolted back in his room to drop off his stuff before joining him.

“So, what’s up?” David said walking down the stairs.

Lance turned from the monitors with a look of shock on his face.

“I don’t know if I believe what I’m seeing,” Lance muttered.

David walked over to the screen and his face went pale.  He could see the skeletal figure of Atyrus murdering people that were still in the mall.

“I don’t wish to hurt,” Harbinger snarled, “but those who do not follow me will be dealt with.”

“I’ve dealt with the dead before,” David muttered as he shook the sunken feeling in his gut.

“I’m sorry?” Johnathan asked as he turned his chair around.

“A while back I had to actually fight Death,” David explained as he began to pace, “or at least someone stealing Death’s powers.”

“That’s insane,” Lance uttered.

“It didn’t end well,” David continued, “but Death was cool about it.”

“Jesus,” Johnathan gasped.

“Oh. at least Death was cool about it, I guess,” Lance said, “Suppose that’s why you’re training me.”

“I have been against some ridiculous shit,” David sighed, “and looks like we’ve got more to deal with.  Better get going.”

“Suit up,” Lance agreed.


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