S07E06: Dawn of the Dead


“What is this place?” the creature growled while looking around.

He could see cars driving by and people were gathering around the mall.  Children, with their parents, excited to visit the toy store.  Teenagers hoping to check out the newest video game release or hang out in the food court.  The joy repulsed the creature and confused by his surroundings.


The creature moved toward the crowd, clutching his sword in his hand.  As his skeletal form grew near people began to notice.  People thought that it may have been a publicity stunt.  A few people ran over to take pictures.

“Oh my God this is so cool,” a teenage girl said as she took a selfie with the creature as others gathered around.

The creature was furious.  Magic had ripped him from his vengeance and it appeared to be happening again.

“I will not stand for this!” the creature shouted readying his sword.

“It has such natural motion,” a chubby boy pointed out.

The creature swung his sword and cleanly chopped the boy’s head off.  Everyone was frozen in shock as he bent down and picked up the head, looking at it face to face.  Screams filled the air as everyone scattered.

“It’s some monster!” someone in the crowd shouted as they ran.

“Monster?” the creature scoffed as he tossed the boy’s head, “I’m far worse.”

The creature moved into the crowd, slicing his way through.  People began to barricade themselves in the mall.  Blood painted the glass doors as a shadowy figure approached.  The bone detail of the creature came to focus, with sinister shadow.  He tapped the end of his sword on the door.

“Let me in,” the creature growled but no one moved, too struck with fear.

The crowd backed away from the door and began to find shelter in the shops.  Some began to hunt for a different exit.

“I am Atyrus the Reaper,” the creature growled, “I am the slayer of men, the conqueror of lands, and the champion of Death.  You give me entrance or I will shove your entrails down your families’ throats.”

Atyrus knew he must find a way to get back to where he was from.  These peasants must have answers, so he had to get his hands on them.  Filled with anger, he smashed his hand through the glass.  After a few more smashes, Atyrus managed to bash the door open enough for him to make his way into the mall.

“I must get back,” Atyrus growled as he picked up a girl by their shirt neck, “Where is the wizard?”

“A wizard?” the girl muttered as her red and gold scarf flowing around her, tears gathering on her glasses.

“The one that cast me here!” Atyrus shouted.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the girl cried, struggling in Atyrus’s grasp.

Atyrus plunged his sword into the girl’s torso and split her up through her shoulder as she dropped to the ground.

“Pathetic,” Atyrus growled.


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