S07E05: The Reaper Rises


Screams could be heard from behind the castle walls.  Lance stepped forward and his foot splashed in a puddle of blood.  He noticed many of them littered the ground in front of him.

“Where the hell am I?” Lance asked aloud to himself.


Lance could hear metal clanging together, there was a struggle going on in the castle.  Lance crept his way across the bridge to the gate, slowly.  He peered inside and saw creatures slaughtering the villagers.  Lance gasped causing some of the creatures to turn toward him.

“Oh no,” Lance muttered before darting away.

Lance ran back into the rupture from which he had emerged and reappeared in his city.  Everything was frozen.  The workmen stood in the parking lot of a mall, staring in awe of the explosion.  David was encased in electricity as he bolted from the truck, the fire on the verge of engulfing him.

Lance sprang into action quickly and grabbed David, putting him with the workmen.  He stood next to David, peering over to the frozen explosion.

“How the hell do I get this to go again?” Lance asked aloud looking over at David, “I’m sure you’d know what to do.”

Lance looked down at his hand.

“It’s risky but I’ll have to use my other powers,” Lance determined.

Lance’s skin began to smolder and smoke, the process causing time to creep forward.  Lance moved toward the slowly expanding explosion and raised his hands to control it.  As time moved to its normal speed, David staggered forward before realizing he was no longer near the truck.  He looked over and saw the explosion of the truck shrinking out of existence.  Lance was struggling to control the explosion.  He was trembling, with a bellowing shout, he dropped to his knee.  Once the explosion was gone, the pressure released causing Lance to drop his hands to the ground, panting heavily.

David bolted over to Lance to check on him.  Lance’s smoldering skin faded back to normal, the smoke drifted away in the wind.

“Are you okay?” David asked as he helped Lance up.

“Yeah, I think so,” Lance muttered looking at his hands to make sure he was not still smoldering.

“What the hell happened?” David asked.

“I think I time traveled,” Lance explained.

“Time traveled?” David questioned.

“It was crazy,” Lance said.

“I didn’t realize you could do that,” David exclaimed, “or controlling an explosion?”

“Let’s get back to the mansion,” Lance said, “I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Deal,” David retorted.

Lance darted away leaving a streak of red as David merged into the electrical current.  Later that night, after everyone had gone home and the police had taped off the area the wind began to whirl around.  A light began to flicker from the rupture Lance had created.  Its pulse quickened until there was an eruption.  An armor wearing skeleton was left kneeling in the wake, a sword in its clutches.

“I will have my vengeance!” the creature growled.


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