S07E04: Under Construction


A barrage of bullets whizzed past Lance as he rushed down the street behind the trucks.  He could not quite catch them since he had to dodge the gunfire.  David emerged from the street lights in front of the trucks.  He managed to maneuver himself on top of the semi-truck but with uneasy footing.  The tactical vehicle made its way in front of the truck.  Henchmen still firing at Lance from the trailer.


“I’m tired of this,” the leader said as he ripped the tarp off his prize revealing a minigun.

The gun whirled up and sent a river of bullets at David.  He sent an electrical charge through the truck and phased into the trailer.  The henchmen turned in shock.  One aimed to fire at David.

“Stop,” the other henchmen shouted, “You could set all this shit off.”

David peered down and saw that the boxed were marked to be volatile and explosive.

Well, that’s not good.

David was caught off guard as he henchmen attacked him.  He narrowly dodged their punches before landing his own.  The henchmen came tumbling out of the back of the trailer.  Lance nearly stumbled over them but managed to keep stride.  He caught up to the back of the truck.

“You good?” Lance called out.

“Yeah,” David responded, “We’ve got to stop these guys.  They’re carrying explosives.”

Lance shook his head and moved to overtake the semi but saw the tactical was on its way back.

“Get down!” Lance exclaimed as he darted to the other side of the semi.

David dropped to the floor of the trailer as a barrage of bullets filled the air.

“Sir,” the tactical driver shouted, “You’re going to blow the truck.”

“If we take these freaks out its worth it,” the leader shouted as he continued to fire, “Now hold it steady.”

Lance darted his way in front of the tactical.  He went around and ripped the drive out the jerked the wheel.  The tactical immediately lost control and was sent crashing into a building.  Lance darted back over to the semi.

“Hollow?” Lance shouted.

“This truck is going to blow,” David shouted as he stood, “Get everyone out of the way.  I’ll try to stop the truck.”

“On it,” Lance said as he darted forward with a burst of speed.

Lance began grabbing everyone he saw in the path of the truck.  The truck was steadily coming at him.  He was not going fast enough to save everyone.  There was a construction site that was full of workmen.

“Shit,” Lance exclaimed, a look of panic on his face.

Lance mustered up as much speed as he could to grab the workmen and get them out of the way.  He managed to move them, but as he moved the last worker the truck crashed into the work zone.  The explosion wrapped around Lance as he ran as fast as he could.  In a flash of light, Lance stumbled over a rock and went tumbling in the dirt.  He lifted himself up to the sight of a large burning castle.

“Okay,” Lance muttered, “This is new.”


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