S07E03: Livin On A Prayer

Banner“Alright guys!” a man shouted from the back of a tactical truck, “We need everything loaded in the trucks now.”

“Sir, what about the cops?” one of the henchmen asked while loading a box on the truck.

“The cops?” the man said resting his hand on a large object under a tarp, “I’m more worried about those freaks running around.”

“Think they’ll show up?” the henchman asked while loading another box.

“They always do and I’d like to be gone by then,” the man said looking down at the hidden object again, “But if not, we brought a present.”

The crane operator continued to lower containers from the ship onto the harbor where the men unloaded their contents into their truck.  The crane began to jolt some as the controls became unresponsive.

“What the hell?” the crane operator exclaimed trying to regain control.

The lights of the harbor began to flicker then increased in intensity until the bulbs started shattering causing the whole area to go dark.  The men dropped what they were doing and pulled their guns.

“Get ready we’re about to have some company,” the man said pulling his gun as well.

A bright red streak tore through the area, lighting it up until Lance stood in front of the gunmen.

“You know I don’t think that stuff is yours,” Lance proclaimed before the men opened fire on him.

Lance darted around dodging the bullets.

“Well that wasn’t very nice,” Lance said, “What do you think?”

“Not nice at all,” the men heard as a bright light came from behind them.

The men turned around quickly to find David standing behind them.  They tried to aim their guns but ones that came close, David grabbed and magnetized to the beam near them.

Lance darted into the fray to join with David subduing the men.  After a few swings, a shadow in the moonlight darkened over them and David lifted into the air.  His back struck hand against the crane magnet that carried him off.

“Son of a bitch,” David exclaimed struggling to get free.


Lance was distracted by the sudden capture of David and one of the men managed to strike him with a crowbar.  Lance staggered back and darted away momentarily to regain his composure.  Electricity began to bolt out of David’s eyes.  The bolts emanated from his body and swept across the crane mechanism.  Sparks started to burst from the control console and the crane operator leaped from it to the ladder.  The magnet dropped David and hit the ground with great force knocking him into a daze.

David looked up through his blurred vision to see the crane operator hopping in the truck as it began to drive away.

“Are you okay?” Lance asked as he darted back to David.

“Yeah,” David explained as Lance helped him up, “We have to get that truck.”


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