S07E02: A Lannister Always Pays His Debts


Johnathan walked down the staircase into the cavern.

“I have must say things are easier with master Athens knowing,” Johnathan said as the lights came on.

“Do you always talk to yourself?” David said turning around in the chair.

“Do you always sit in the dark?” Johnathan asked ushering David out of his chair.

“My specialty actually,” David said moving from the chair.

“You’re an odd one,” Johnathan said sitting down, “So what’re you doing down here?”

“I’m enjoying training Lance,” David explained, “but I need to go out.  Save some people.”

“I think we both do,” Lance said as he came down the stairs.

“I don’t know if you’re ready,” David said looking at Lance.

“According to you guys I’ve been saving people for a while,” Lance returned, “I’m ready.”

“You been taking your medication?” David questioned.

“Yes,” Lance sighed with an eye roll.

“Then let’s do this,” David exclaimed turning to Johnathan, “Is there anything for us?”

“I’m sure I can find you something,” Johnathan said as he began typing on the computer, “You’re going to need a suit.”

“Oh right, I never did make another one,” David realized.

“I may have worked on something,” Lance said.

Johnathan cleared his throat loudly.

“Okay mainly Johnathan,” Lance explained, “but I helped.”

Lance pressed a button near the case for his suit.  The floor opened and a similar case arose.  In it was an ivory white suit.  It had gold accents with black mesh underneath.

“You guys made this for me?” David asked in astonishment.

“Everyone needs a good suit,” Lance explained.

“It’s just missing one,” David began before Lance held up some paint.

“Thought you’d like to do the honors,” Lance said with a grin.

A big smile formed on David’s face as he eagerly grabbed the paint.  He opened the case and painted a smile across the mask of his new suit in a matching golden color.


“Perfect,” David said as he set the paint down.

“Looks great,” Lance said as he watched his fan dream come true.

“All set?” Johnathan asked, “because it looks like I’ve got something for you.”


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