S06E10: Wall Crumble Down


David could see the trees passing the car window as they traveled outside the city.  The car ride was silent as Johnathan drove, David and Lance in the back.  The trees opened up and revealed a great mansion that left David breathless.  They drove up the drive and to the front of the mansion.  Johnathan got out and opened the door for Lance while David got out of his side admiring the house.

“I’ll help Master Athens inside, wait for me in the study,” Johnathan said as he walked Lance into the mansion.

The group entered the mansion and David wandered around the foyer admiring the décor.  He noticed a bust by a doorway.  He raised his hand toward it.

“Don’t touch that,” Johnathan said as he walked by into the study carrying Lance’s costume.

“Sorry,” David said following him in, “So are you going to explain what going on? First, he’s Hermes, then Hades and now Lance?”

“Not here,” Johnathan said looking around to make sure Lance was not around.

Johnathan moved to the bookshelf and opened the secret door, before ushering for David to follow him.

Oh, my God. Secret door.  So cool.


David followed Johnathan down the stairwell and his eyes grew in astonishment at the sight of the lair.

“It’s a freaking batcave!” David exclaimed.

“Better not be any bats,” Johnathan stated looking around, “I hate bats.”

“No, I…” David started, “Never mind, so when am I getting answers?”

Johnathan let out a sigh as he hung up Lance’s suit.

“When Master Athens was young, he and his family had gone into the city for dinner,” Johnathan explained sitting by the computer console, “They were walking back to their car when some people near them got into a fight.  Too many drinks or something, I don’t know.”

David sat on a box behind him listening intensely.

“I had sworn to protect this family, but they had insisted I take a night off,” Johnathan continued, “The fight got out of hand and one pulled a gun.  In a flash, Master Lance was drenched in his parent’s blood.  Left crying until police arrived.”

David sat back in shock.

Oh fuck…

“Master Lance didn’t handle it well,” Johnathan explained, “Not that anyone would.  He broke.  Doctors tried to help, with medications but he refused to take them.  So, he split personalities.  That’s whom you’ve met.”

“So, he’s multiple people?” David questioned.

“Hermes, the nimble and joking,” Johnathan listed, “Hades, the temperamental protector and then there is Master Athens.  Who does not seem to have any powers himself.”

“And he has no idea about his super identities?” David asked.

“I protect him from that,” Johnathan said, “So he never knows.”

“Until today,” Lance said as he emerged from the darkness of the room.

“Master Athens!” Johnathan exclaimed quickly standing from his chair.

“That’s why you always want me to take my medication,” Lance stated.

Johnathan stumbled over his words.

“Does the medication stop the personalities or the powers too?” David asked in the awkward silence.

Johnathan stammered for a moment.

“They help with the personalities,” Johnathan stated, “I would have no idea about the powers.”

“This is all crazy,” Lance said.

“Listen I’ve met your personalities,” David explained, “They’re bad news.  Maybe take your medication to control them and I’ll train you with your powers if they’re still there.”

“Train me?” Lance exclaimed, “I don’t even know you.”

“I’m… I’m the Hollow,” David started before surging up some to show off.

“The hero of Fulgur city?” Lance questioned.

“Yes,” David said, “and you’re a powerful hero yourself.  With you, by my side, we could save everyone.”

Lance pondered for a moment, then shook his head in agreement.

“Good,” David stated, “Then let’s begin.”


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