S06E09: Gods Fall


Bolts of electricity began to surge from a transformer on the power pole.  They grew in intensity until David emerged in a flash, gasping for air on his hands and knees.

Fuck, that was close.

David looked up and saw his reflection in the side of a car.

“What the fuck?” David said running his hand through his hair.

David ran over and looked at himself in the side mirror of the car.  His hair had turned a bright white.

So, his fire gave me a dye job?

David’s attention soon turned to the fight happening down the street.  He could see a smoldering figure with a flowing cape standing over another figure.  It took him a moment to realize, Phantasma was begging for his life as he was getting beaten.  David quickly bolted over to the fight.

“Stop Hermes, he’s done,” David said grabbing Hades’ arm.

Hades ripped his arm away from David.

“Hermes is gone, I’m Hades,” Hades growl with a side glance before continuing to punch

Phantasma had gone silent other than the sound of his blood beneath Hades’ fist.

“Fucking stop!” David shouted while grabbing Hades again.

Hades ripped his arm away and smacked David sending him flying through a store front window.  David crawled out of the window and saw Hades was still beating on Phantasma.

“Fine, we’ll do this the hard way,” David stated as electricity emanated from his eyes.

Thunder rolled through the sky as David vanished in a bolt of lightning.  After a moment, a bolt of lightning struck sending Phantasma and Hades flying in separate directions.

“I said stop!” David shouted standing over Hades.

Hades looked up as his vision focused.  He could see the electricity in David’s eyes and his white hair in the beam of sunlight behind him.

“Zeus?” Hades asked.

The fuck?


“I don’t know what wrong with you but get it together,” David stated with anger in his voice.

“I’ve always hated you,” Hades said lunging at David.

Hades landed a punch into David before David countered with several punches of his own.  Hades tried to tackle David but David grabbed Hades and threw him over his head, smashing into the ground.  David let out a fierce yell.  Electricity exploded from him turning his hair back to its natural color.

David walked over to Hades who had worked his way to his knees.  His arms were back to skin.  His cape was gone and the glow of his helmet had vanished.

“Are you done?” David growled while standing over him.

“Please don’t hurt me,” he said as he sat putting his arm up to protect himself.

“Hermes?” David asked calming down.

“Who is Hermes? My name is Lance,” Lance said ripping off his mask, “What am I wearing? Where is Johnathan?”

David asked while full of confusion, “What the fuck is going on?”


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