S06E08: To Hell or Hades


Anger filled Hermes.  His gaze turned to Phantasma who was laughing at the destruction he was causing.  Hermes darted toward Phantasma but stopped, his hand blocking his face as the fire around Phantasma seemed to grow.

“You won’t stop me again skid mark,” Phantasma chuckled in his barrier of flames.

“Seriously, full of the names, today aren’t you?” Hermes said as he backed away from the flames.

Hermes thought for a moment, then had an idea.  With a burst of speed, he began running around the wall of fire as quickly as he could.  Phantasma threw more fire at him but could not hit him.  The fire began to twirl in the wind from Hermes until it finally fizzled out.  Hermes came to stop with a twirl.  A fireball came flying at Hermes but he narrowly avoided it.

“Almost had me,” Hermes chuckled.

“I’m not done yet,” Phantasma growled while raising his hands.


The fire began coming from the ground in pillars under Hermes.  Hermes narrowly avoided them as he ran around the area.  Hermes ran in at Phantasma.  He swung for a punch but was caught by the throat by Phantasma.

“Not making jokes now are you?” Phantasma chuckled.

Hermes struggled to release himself from Phantasma’s grip.

“Now you’ll burn,” Phantasma stated.

Hermes kneed Phantasma in the torso causing him to be released.

“I’m tired of you!” Phantasma shouted before Landing a punch to Hermes’ face knocking him onto his back.

Phantasma encircled Hermes in a ring of fire.  The flames grew higher, then covered Hermes.

“Now stay down, bitch,” Phantasma stated.

A cape swirled around in the fire and dispelled the flames.

“Like playing with fire?” Hades said as his mohawk formed and he brushed off his smoldering arms, “Then let’s play, shall we?”

Phantasma had a look of worry sweep across his face.  He threw more fire but Hermes just knocked it away.

“You’re good,” Hades growled, “but I’m better.”

The fiery light of Hades’ arms brightened as he raised fire from the ground beneath Phantasma.  Phantasma rolled to dodge the flames.  He threw more fire at Hades but it was knocked away has Hades lunged through it.  His smoldering grasp wrapped around Phantasma’s neck.  Phantasma struggled but could not break Hades’ grip.

“Oh you’re not going anywhere,” Hades said tightening his grasp.

Phantasma’s flames dwindled until he was back to his human form.

“Please,” Phantasma pleaded, “Mercy.”

“There’s no mercy for the likes of you,” Hades growled before he started punching Phantasma repeatedly in the face.


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