S06E07: Phantasma


Phantasma threw a fireball at Hermes but Hermes darted quickly, avoiding it.  Bolts of electricity surged from David’s eyes as he bolted forward.  He appeared in front of Phantasma, landing a couple of punches ending in an upper cut that sent Phantasma flying backward sliding onto his back.  Phantasma was engulfed in flames then re-emerged standing.

“You’re quick, huh?” Phantasma stated, “but I’ve been dealing with the shit streak over there for a while now.  I’ve got a few tricks.”

“Shit streak?” Hermes said before darting forward and knocked Phantasma into a parked van, “The name is Hermes, Fire Crotch.”

The van exploded in fire.  Phantasma walked out of the flames with a sinister look in his eyes.

“Now you’re really pissing me off,” Phantasma growled.


Phantasma’s fire erupted with more intensity.  He circled himself in a wall of fire then began throwing pillars of fire wildly.  The people still hiding in the area were running for their lives.

“We have to save these people!” David exclaimed from behind the mailbox he had taken cover before bolting over to Hermes, who was behind a corner of a building.

“We have to stop Phantasma,” Hermes retorted.

“We’re supposed to be the hero, saving the day,” David explained, a serious tone in his voice, “If he kills everyone, who are we saving?”

Hermes nodded in agreement.

“Don’t let the fire touch you, it’s not regular fire” Hermes quickly stated before darting away.

“I didn’t plan on getting burned!” David called out to the vanishing red streak Hermes left.

David heard screams coming from a gas station near him, the roof was on fire.

I’m sure this will end well.

David bolted into the gas station.  The building was fully engulfed and some of the roof had caved in.

“Hello?” David called out looked around while coughing on the smoke.

“Please help us, he’s trapped!” a voice shouted.

David found a woman trying to help the shop owner get out from underneath some of the collapsed roof.  David grabbed the beam that was pinning the man and tried to lift it, it would not budge.

“We need to get something for leverage,” David said to the woman.

The woman ran and found a rod.  She handed it to David.  He placed it under the beam and used it to lift the beam.  It began to move some.  With bolts of electricity emanating from his eyes, David moved the beam enough that the woman pulled the man out.

“Thank you so much,” the man whimpered.

“Oh my God!” the woman exclaimed, “Your sleeve.”

David looked down and his shirt had begun to burn.

“Go!” David yelled trying to pat out the flames, “Get out of here.”

The woman helped the man out as David ripped his shirt off.  The flames seemed to stick to his flesh.  As the woman and the man escaped the gas station, they could hear David’s screaming.

“Where is he?” Hermes asked as he darted in front of the two people.

“He’s still inside,” the man muttered.

Hermes went to run inside but the gas station exploded.

“No!” Hermes shouted, “I just found him.”


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