S06E05: World’s Collide


Jonathan dropped into a chair and started looking at the monitors in front of him.

“What’s going on in Iroas today?” Jonathan said taking a sip of his coffee as he leaned back in the chair.

Jonathan’s eyes panned across the several monitors.  He could see the daily life of the city.  His eyes drifted over to the monitors watching the mansion.  Lance was no longer in his bed. A moment later, there was a quick gust of the wind that rushed up behind Jonathan.

“Sir,” Jonathan said without turning from the monitors.

“I told you to just call me Hermes,” Hermes said getting in his suit.

“That feels ludicrous sir,” Jonathan explained as he was typing on the console, “Seems like a pretty standard day.”

“Wait, what’s that here?” Hermes said pointing at one of the monitors.

“Looks like a good Samaritan helping the local homeless population,” Jonathan stated looking closer at the monitor.

“He’s no good Samaritan,” Hermes said as he watched the man attack the homeless man in his car, “Get me a location on that car.”

“Yes sir,” Jonathan said, “They’re on Gabriel Ave.”

Jonathan turned away from the gust of the wind that rushed past him when Hermes ran out.  Hermes darted into an alley near where the car was last parked.  He could not find the car.

“Jonathan,” Hermes said with his fingers against his ear piece, “I don’t see the car.  Where did they go?”

“Checking sir,” Jonathan said over the radio, “I’ve got them heading East.”

Hermes vanished in his red blur, darting through the street traffic.

“I’m not seeing them, Jonathan,” Hermes said still running among the cars.

“I’ve got them heading North now,” Jonathan said as he typed away on the console, “They’re pulling into a residential area.”

“I thought I was fast,” Hermes said quickly changing his direction and getting into the homes.

Hermes looked around several homes but still could not find his target.  He stopped in the middle of the street.  Sun beamed through the trees lining the street of homes.  A gentle breeze washed over the leaves creating a peaceful feeling, that Hermes could not enjoy right now.

“There’s a lot of houses here,” Hermes stated into his radio.

“I’m retasking a satellite now,” Jonathan said as he worked the computers, “I’ve got them in the blue house on the next block North of you.”

I’m on it,” Hermes said sprinting down the street.

Hermes found the house and began to check in the windows.  The house appeared empty so he worked his way inside.  It was a simple home.  Not much decoration and bland colored furniture.  He noticed a door left ajar that lead to the basement.  He made his way down the wooden staircase and found a hidden room.  He made his way through the doorway and hide behind the wall in the following doorway.  He peered through the glass in the door and saw two figures talking.

Hermes could not hear what was being discussed.  He moved closer but the room was sound proofed.  He saw a shock come from Peter on the table.  The Hollow Maker standing over him leaned in then picked the knife back up.  Hermes ran in but the Hollow Maker stabbed the knife into Peter.  The room filled with electricity as Peter began to scream.  The electricity threw Hermes from the room.  The bolts ripped through The Hollow Maker sending his lifeless body into the wall behind him.

Hermes stood and walked back into the room.  Peter stood next to the table, his wound now healed.  He was drenched with sweat, electricity emanating from his eyes.


“Oh my God,” Hermes could only mutter, “You’re the Hollow.”


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