S06E04: A Horse of a Different Color


The bright light above him hurt Peter’s eyes as his blurry vision cleared.  He looked around the room but could barely make it out with the shadows cast by the light.  He went to stand but he was strapped to the table he was laying on.  He had been stripped to just his pants.  He struggled to break from his bonds.

“You won’t get out of there,” a voice called out.

“What? Who’s there?” Peter asked, his voice shaking as he jerked around to see.

“Relax Peter,” the voice said getting closer revealing Walter, “It’s me.”


“Walter, why are you doing this?” Peter said still trying to release himself.

“Oh right, I’m not actually Walter,” he said leaning in, “Just a name I gave you.  The papers seem to prefer to call me The Hollow Maker.”

“What, no,” Peter said, his tone becoming frantic, “I read about you.  Killing all those people.  Leaving them without their organs.”

“The human anatomy is so fascinating,” Hollow Maker explained, “I studied it for years.  Now with all these masked things running around, I’ve continued my research.  See if I can really figure out how everything ticks.”

“But I’m not one of those people,” Peter explained.

“It honestly doesn’t matter Peter,” Hollow Maker retorted, “Have you ever just held a human heart in your hands?”

The Hollow Maker leaned in, face to face, as he glided his knife over Peter’s chest.

“Nothing makes you feel more alive,” Hollow Maker said with a grin.

“Just get it over with,” Peter muttered with a tear rolling down the side of his face.

The Hollow Maker paused for a moment.

“Wait, what?” Hollow Maker asked, puzzled look on his face.

“Just kill me,” Peter mumbled.

“Well, this is unexpected, I have to say,” Hollow Maker stated, “None of my victims have asked for this.  Usually there’s just a lot of begging and screaming.”

“I’ve got nothing left to live for,” Peter whined, “I lost people I loved.  I lost friends.  I lost my home.  I’m nothing.”

“Well this certainly is interesting,” Hollow Maker stated.

“I should have died a long time again,” Peter said staring into the light above him, then turning to The Hollow Maker, “So just get it over with.”

“I’m not use to mercy killing,” Hollow Maker said, “This could be fun.”

The Hollow Maker pushed his knife into Peter’s skin.  He received a shock causing him to drop the knife.

“You lied to me!” Hollow Maker exclaimed.

The Hollow Maker leaned into Peter’s face again, “You certainly are interesting aren’t you?”


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