S06E03: Creating Tears In Your Eyes Your Mind Withers and Dies


A homeless man shuffled through the alley way, searching a dumpster for something to eat.  He tossed some items into his shopping cart.  He wiped his hands onto his dirty tattered clothes then continued pushing his cart along.  He hit the sidewalk and looked around.  With his cart to the side, he sat on the ground with his can and sign.

The hot sun beamed down on the homeless man, as people walked past him.  Most ignored him, some cast the innocent smile but there were a few that dropped some coins into his can.  The homeless man could feel his stomach rumbling.  It had been a couple days since he had really found anything to eat.  A figure approached him and stood over him.  The homeless man looked up but could only see darkness in the blinding sunlight behind the figure.


“Hello,” the figure said.

“Hi, got any spare change?” the homeless man asked lifting his can., “Please.”

“I’ve got something better,” the figure said cleaning their glasses, “I’d like to take you to dinner.  I can hear your stomach rumbling.”

“I… I don’t know,” the homeless man mumbled.

“Oh, come on,” the figure said looking around, “There’s a diner a few blocks away that’s got some really good food.”

“I am really hungry,” the homeless man muttered.

“Come on,” the figure said ushering the homeless man to follow, “I’m just parked over here.”

“I guess I can,” the homeless man said.

“Okay, come on,” the figure joyously said reaching their hand out and pulling the homeless man up.

“I’m Walter, by the way,” the figure said as they walked to his car.

“Oh, I’m uh, Peter,” the homeless man muttered.

“Nice to meet you, Peter,” Walter said unlocking his car.

The two opened the car doors and climbed in, Peter trying to not dirty the car with his clothes.

“I can’t thank you enough for this,” Peter said with the first smile on his face in months.

“You probably shouldn’t thank me yet,” Walter stated.

Walter quickly pulled a syringe from his pocket and jammed it into Peter’s neck.  Peter tried to fight him off but passed out quickly from the injection.

“Now, we have some fun,” Walter said with a smirk before starting his car and driving off.


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