S06E02: Duplicity


“Jonathan!” Lance shouted as he awoke with a shock.

Jonathan came walking into the room carrying a tray with breakfast.

“Yes, sir?” Jonathan said as he set the tray down on the table.

“It’s happening again,” Lance said looking at his arms, “The cuts and bruises I don’t remember getting.  How much time am I losing?”

“I’m not sure sir,” Jonathan said standing straight next to the bed.


“I thought I was better,” Lance said as he moved from the bed putting on a robe, “I guess things will never be normal again after that night.”

“Have you had any luck with your medication sir?” Jonathan asked handing Lance a cup of pills and some water.

“I don’t like taking them,” Lance said moving to the breakfast, “I don’t like how they make me feel.”

“Sir they may help,” Jonathan interjected.

“Jonathan, I’m not taking them,” Lance said before taking a bite of toast before he followed it with juice, “I better get cleaned up.”

“Yes sir, I’ll draw the bath,” Jonathan said before exiting the room.

Lance stood for a moment, before dropping his robe to the floor.  He walked to the bathroom and slid into the tub.  The hot water soothed his aching muscles.  He just wished he knew why they ached.  How much time had he been losing lately? Sleeping longer and longer.  Waking with cuts and bruises and never knew why.

The black outs started many years ago when Lance was a child.  Lance’s mother finished tucking him into bed.  She kissed him on the forehead and turned out the lights.  Lance fell asleep quickly, as he always did after his mother’s bedroom story.  After some time, Lance awoke to a noise.  He got out of bed to find his parents.  He wandered into his parent’s bedroom but found it empty.  Another noise came from downstairs.  Lance made his way down the stairs, rubbing the eyes.  His vision cleared and he could see as a man stood over his parent’s lifeless bodies.  Lance slipped into shock.  Before the man could move for Lance, Jonathan managed to escape his bonds and tackle the man.  After a brief fight, Jonathan knocked the man unconscious and moved to console Lance.  Lance was never the same again.

With Lance enjoying his bath, Jonathan opened the hidden cavern behind the study’s bookshelves.  He spent a lot of time in the cavern, and he was sure that Lance never knew it existed.  He walked down the long winding stairwell and as he reached the end massive lights flicked on.  The lights lit up a massive room filled with computer monitors.  He walked over to a glass case that was left partially open.

“Master Athens,” Jonathan sighed as he looked over the scuffed red and gold suit inside, “I never thought I’d be doing this when I agreed to always protect you.”

Jonathan grabbed some supplies and began to polish the suit.

“I wish you’d just take your medication,” Jonathan muttered to himself, “but this city needs you.”


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