S06E01: Fractured World


It was a dark and gloomy night.  Clouds blanketed the sky with rolling thunder, but there had not been any rainfall.  The sounds of the city echoed through the buildings.  On a rooftop stood a muscular man.  He wore a red cloth suit adorned with golden armor.  The chest mirrored that of a Kevlar vest and his dark kilt swaying in the breeze.  The light of the red spikes coming from his ear pieces glowed in the dark of the night.  The man looked over his sprawling city.  He could hear the sirens of police cars speeding past him from below.   They were in pursuit of a car of gunmen.

“Time for some fun,” the man said before running down the side of the building at great speed.


The man darted through traffic leaving only a streak of red behind him.  He quickly caught up to the chase and was running alongside the police cars.  He gave them a wave before pushing forward.  The cop in the passenger seat waved back with a confused look on his face.

“Is that?” the cop asked.

“It sure is kid,” the driving cop answered with a chuckle.

The man ran up to the car and used his inertia to flip the car.  The car tumbled over and slide forward until it smashed into a parked car.  The cops set up a line of their cars and took cover behind them.  Between the cops and the criminals stood the man, his hands on his hips.  The criminals crawled their way from the car and aimed guns at the man from the behind the wreckage.

“Who the hell are you?” one of the criminals called out.

“Me? You don’t know me?” the man asked coyly, “I’m the hero protecting the city of Iroas Harbor, but you can call me Hermes.”

“I thought we got away from masked freaks when we left Fulgur City,” a younger criminal stated.

“That Legion guy terrified me,” the main criminal muttered to himself before calling out, “We’ve dealt with the likes of you.”

“Oh, you’ve never dealt with someone like me,” Hermes chuckled.

“We just have to buy time,” the criminal mumbled.

The criminals began firing at Hermes.  He quickly dodged each bullet, leaving only a blur in his path.  He zigzagged forward toward the criminals.  A windowless white van sped in and whipped its tail around sending Hermes smashing into a cop car.  The van’s back doors opened revealing a man in tactical armor and a ski mask standing behind a mounted machine gun.

“Oh, you’re not going to want to do that,” Hermes muttered as he climbed from the police car.

The machine gun whirled as a barrage of bullets tore through the air.  Hermes crossed his arms in front of him and he vanished in the dust of the bullet’s destruction.  The cops ducked behind their cars.  The machine gun whined before clicking empty.

“Dodge that bitch!” the gunner shouted as the other criminals started moving to the van.

“Yeah dodging is the other guy’s thing,” growled a voice from the settling dust.

There was an orange glow gleaming through the dust.  The dust settled revealing a changed man.

“You can call me, Hades,” Hades growled.

The glowing spikes of his helmet had now faded and a mohawk had formed.  A long flowing dark cape moved in the breeze like water around him.  His arms had become smoldering rock, fires seeming to burn beneath the surface.

“What in the fuck?” the gunner shouted.

“Get us the fuck out of here,” the younger criminal shouted.

“Leaving so soon?” Hades asked, “I was just getting started.”

The glow of Hades arms intensified as he aimed them at the van.  A ball of fire rose from beneath the van sending it into the air.  It smashed down breaking the tires off and shattering the windows.  Hades walked up to the van and ran his finger along the side of the van.  Wherever his finger touched quickly melted.

“Knock, knock,” Hades growled as he placed his hand on the side of the van and melted a vast hole in it.

The criminals inside were terrified at the menacing Hades standing over them as he released a bellowing laugh.  Hades froze at the sight of the criminals.  His mohawk receded and the spikes returned.  His cape retracted back into the icon on the side of his chest and the rocks of his arms crumbled revealing skin once more.

“Right, I should probably go,” Hermes stated, “The police have got this.”

Hermes darted away, a fading trail of red behind him.


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