S05E10: Downpour

The sky turned dark as thunder rolled through the blackened clouds.  The city was quiet as everyone resided in their homes.  Police and Swat officers walked the streets on patrols ever since a martial law was put into place.  The curfews were strict and the punishments were stricter.  Things had become very grim for the city residents.  The police had become more dictators than saviors and their saving angel had fallen from grace then vanished.

“Come out, come out where ever you are,” The various Legions would call out as they searched through the city.

Legion was going door to door, searching everywhere and everyone in the city for David.  A river of armed police parted and a masked man in a suit stood among them.

“David!” Legion shouted, “I was having fun, but I’m getting tired of your hide and seek.”

Thunder rolled across the sky as the clouds continued to churn.

“David!” Legion shouted again while rotation around, “Olly olly oxen free.”


Lightning ripped through the darkening clouds followed quickly by another roar of thunder.  Then with a boom, another bolt crashed to the ground leaving David standing in the street, stream rolling off his costume.

“Seriously?” Legion chuckled, “Are you obsessed with cool entrances? Oh, my God. David. You’re such a badass.  Giving me a break.”

“I will not let you do this Legion,” David growled, “You’ve hurt enough innocent people.  I killed you once, I’ll do it again.”

David moved to a fighting stance as bolts of lightning erupted from his eyes.  The suited Legion began clapping as the police pointed their guns at David.

“Good show,” Legion gleefully said, “You certainly have a flare for theatrics.”

The building’s windows rattled above them as the thunder boomed again.

“I think it may rain,” Legion said as he looked at the sky then looked back at David with a smile, “It’s just like last time.”

“And I’ll defeat you just like last time,” David said as he disappeared in a flash of electricity.

David reappeared in front of the police officers in a blinding flash.  He ripped the gun from the first officer’s hands and swung a devastating punch.  It was met with a bolt of lightning as it connected sending the officer flying backward as David vanished again.  Droplets of rain began to gently fall.  David reappeared behind a Swat member.  His moves were getting slower in the gentle rain as it picked up in strength.  He grabbed the back of the Swat member.  A bolt of lightning struck causing the Swat member to collapse, then David vanished again.

The rain turned into a full downpour.  The water ran down Legions masks as the one in a suit began to laugh.  He turned and saw motion in the rain as appeared.  David attempted to grab another officer but collapsed under the rain.  A surge of electricity emanated from his body.  It began to radiate from his hands but then fizzled out.  The officers back up and kept their guns aimed at David.

“Christ David,” Legion said as he walked over and kicked David in the face knocking him over, “Here we are again.”

“No, I will stop you,” David muttered as he barely worked his way to his feet.

“I’ve heard that before but I already won,” Legion chuckled, “I took your love, your home, your friend and even your cat.”

David swung a punch at Legion but missed, causing him to stagger and almost fall.

“You are seriously pathetic,” Legion stated as he gently pushed David.

David splashed into the forming puddles as Legion laughed even more.  David struggled but stood again.

“You don’t know how to give up do you?” Legion questioned.

“I have to protect these people from you,” David muttered using all his strength to stay standing.

“Protect these people?” Legion asked as he landed a punch into David’s gut.

“These people who rejected you,” Legion stated as he landed a punch on David’s face cracking his mask causing the eye display to short out.

“The people who use you,” Legion said landing another punch to David’s face sending his mask flying.

“The people who would just as easily discard you like the garbage you are,” Legion said driving his knee into David’s stomach causing him to drop to his knees.

“No,” David muttered as he gasped for air, blood running down his chin from his mouth, “They need me.  I’m a hero.”

Two police officers came over and held David up by his arms.  Legion walked over and got face to face with David.  David was barely coherent.  His vision was blurred and he could barely breathe between the rain and the blood.

“I use to think so too,” Legion stated coldly before driving a knife into David’s chest, “but you’re no hero.”

The police dropped David’s motionless body into the rainwater, his blood mixing with the running water beneath him.  A bolt of lightning struck David’s body and he was gone, leaving a cloud of steam.

“Fucking pathetic,” Legion declared as he straightened his suit, “Now we let’s have some fun.”

“Hell yeah!” the Legion police officers called out while they high-fived each other.

“I’ve really got to stop talking to myself,” the suited Legion chuckled.

Legion looked around the area, he could see the terrified people in some of the windows.

“This is my city now.”


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