S05E09: So Much Red

David was panting heavily with Lieutenant Mendez’s arm draped over him as the two moved forward.  They were struggling to move as Mendez’s blood soaked into David’s suit.  Mendez was getting to the point he could barely walk.  David was in a panic, not sure what to do other than hide out.

“We’re almost at my place,” Mendez muttered as he started fading away, “I need to rest, kid.”

“I figured you lived in the city,” David said struggling to hold Mendez up.

“Just get me in there,” Mendez said as the two shuffled into his house.


“I’m not after you David,” Legion explained, “I’m out to destroy you.”

One fierce jerk snapped Ms. Pond’s neck.  David filled with rage as Legion tossed Ms. Pond’s lifeless body to the floor while laughing hysterically.

David’s eyes emanated electricity.  He screamed with anger.  He lunged into the Legion Swat team.  His punches radiated lightning with booming thunder in each swing.

The duo slammed through the doorway, fumbling their way in.  David shut the door behind them and rested Mendez on the couch.  David removed his mask and ran to search for some bandages.

“They’re in the bathroom,” Mendez muttered coughing some, “Damn this hurts like a bitch.”

David stumbled over boxes of files that littered Mendez’s dimly lit home.  The place was nice but had not been cleaned in quite some time.  The walls had some water damage and the rooms had a faint odor.

“Got them!” David shouted as he found some bandages.

Legion managed to get hold of David and tossed him backward sending him smashing into the coffee table.  David looked over and through on his mask.  The display flickered some before beaming its bright blue eyes.

“Oh, do you think that flashy mask is going to help?” Legion chuckled.

“You shouldn’t have killed her,” David exclaimed.

“That vermin?” Legion questioned as he pointed over to Ms. Pond’s lifeless body, “Jesus David, I know you care but there really has to be a limit.”

“Her name,” David growled as he stood, “was Ms. Amelia Pond.”

Legion aimed all their guns at David as he said, “You really are pathetic.”

David ran over to Mendez with the medical supplies he found.  Mendez had removed his blazer and was now opening his blood-drenched shirt.

“I have to find the bullet,” David explained looking over the wound in Mendez’s torso, “It’s going to hurt.”

“I know,” Mendez retorted as he reached to the side of the couch and pulled out a whiskey bottle.

Mendez unscrewed the cap and took a big swig.  David took the bottle from him and took a drink himself.

“Alright, let’s do this,” David said reaching for the wound.

Mendez let out a horrible yell before jamming his blazer in his mouth.

With Legion distracted, Mendez managed to get out of their grasp.  He maneuvered behind the couch and drew his weapon.

“Awe how quaint,” Legion sneered, “David, you made a friend.”

In a flash of electricity, David disappeared and reappeared behind Legion.  The room filled with a flurry of bullets as David made his way through the Swat members.  He grabbed their guns, tossed them which caused them to stick to refrigerator like a series of large alphabet magnets.  It was not long before David was left standing among the bodies of Legion.

“This was not good, kid,” Mendez stated as he stood from behind the couch.

The duo could hear more people charging up the stairs.  One of the Swat members on the floor managed to draw their gun while the two were distracted.  They leaned up some and got a single shot off before collapsing on the floor again.  David turned and saw the look of shock on Mendez’s face as a blood spot began to form on his shirt.

David finished bandaging Mendez and noticed a picture of a woman.

“Who’s she?” David asked picking up the picture.

“My wife Naomi,” Mendez explained sitting up on the couch.

“She’s beautiful,” David said handing Mendez the picture as he reached for it.

“She really was,” Mendez said running his fingers over the picture, “Breast cancer took her from me a few years ago.”

“I’m so sorry,” David said sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch, “I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love.  Legion took someone from me.”

“I have missed her every damn day,” Mendez stated, “She’s the reason I became a cop.  She knew how much I needed to help people.  She pushed me to be a better me.  I haven’t been much without her.  I’d give anything to see her again.”

“That’s not true,” David retorted, “We’ve saved loads of people together.  You’re a hero Lieutenant.”

“Yeah,” Mendez said trailing off staring at his wife’s photo.

“Mendez?” David questioned filled with panic.

David shook Mendez trying to get him to respond.

“Come on Mendez!” David exclaimed getting choked up, “Don’t die on me.  You’re the closest thing I have left to a friend.”

Mendez gave nothing more than the blank stare still on his wife’s photo.  Tears ran down David’s cheeks and he laid Mendez down, wrapping his arms around his wife’s photo.

“Death isn’t so bad,” David muttered, “Trust me, I’ve met him.  He’ll let you see your wife again.  I’m sure Astrid will be sure of that.”

David chuckled a bit through his tears.

“She always was the stronger one,” David said, “Of course, she would have some sway with Death.”

David stood up and put his mask back on.

“I won’t let Legion get away with this,” David said walking out of Mendez’s house.


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