S05E08: Ms. Amelia Pond

Ms. Pond flowed like water between Lieutenant Mendez’s fingers and loved every second of it.  Her eyes would meet his whenever he stopped caressing her and she would let out a gentle meow.  It would cause him to grin and he would continue.


Though David was not around much since he got his powers, he always made sure Ms. Pond was cared for.  Her food dish was never empty and she always had plenty of water.  Her life was simple and though she loved the attention she got, she did not mind when David was gone.  She would bask in the sunlight that came through the window or curl up on his bed when it was still warm from the night before.

Ms. Pond enjoyed sitting in the window and watch the birds outside.  She watched them soar through the air, wanting to snatch one from the sky like the fierce hunter she was.  Though her days were usually uneventful, she was loving the attention she was getting today.  She did not understand what Mendez and David were discussing and honestly, she did not care.

Mendez stopped giving her attention and moved to the bathroom.  Ms. Pond attempted to follow but was met with the door shutting in her face.  She sat with her tail jerking through the air behind her then licked herself.  She could hear David ushering for her to come to him.  She trotted over to him and was met with his loving embrace.  As his hand drifted over her, she began to let out a subtle purr that grew in strength.

Ms. Pond could feel David squirm some as she began digging her claws into him but she just could not help it.  She worked her way up David’s chest and began to lick David’s nose.  David always giggled some when she did, even when she would nibble at his nose after.  She jerked her head to the bathroom as Mendez walked out.  Then the apartment door slammed open as a battering ram smashed into it.

Ms. Pond darted across the room and hid behind the television as David sprung into action.  There was a lot of yelling between David and the Swat members that now stood in the apartment.  Ms. Pond slinked from behind the television with her tail darting through the air again.  Her fur beginning to stand on end as David’s electricity began to swarm through the air.  She always hated his shocks.  She moved through the room as the two men began wrestling with the Swat members.

Ms. Pond poked out from behind the couch and could see Mendez held to the floor by two of the Swat members.  David was on his knees gasping for air as Swat members stood over him laughing.  She did not know what was happening but saw more people that may give her the attention she thrived on.  She wandered over and began rubbing against a Swat member’s leg.

The Swat member squatted down and began to run his hand over Ms. Pond.  She began her subtle purring as he picked her up.  She closed her eyes as she rubbed against his hand.  She could hear the Swat member chuckle as he talked down to David.  She could hear David crying out as she licked on the Swat member’s mask.  She looked into the black eyes of the mask with a gentle meow.

“David, you love this cat don’t you?” Legion called out.

“Don’t you fucking touch her!” David exclaimed.

“She certainly is precious,” Legion stated.

“You’re after me, leave her out of this,” David pleaded.

“I’m not after you David,” Legion explained, “I’m out to destroy you.”

Ms. Pond could feel the grip on her getting tighter before one fierce jerk snapped her neck.  David filled with rage as Legion tossed Ms. Pond’s lifeless body to the floor while laughing hysterically.


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