S05E07: Eighties Buddy Cop Movie

Lieutenant Mendez walked down the sidewalk under the street lights.  A cigarette balanced between his lips, a trail of smoke left behind him.  He was excited to get home.  Tonight was the season finale of his favorite show and he had some leftovers in the fridge that had been on his mind all day.  Even with all the uproar against Hollow lately, he had a good day.  He heard some noise down an alley as he walked passed it.  His hand immediately jolted to his gun, everyone was on edge with everything going on lately.

Mendez stood watching the shadows of the alley as they seem to shift.  A can fell and rolled across the ground causing Mendez to immediately draw his weapon, aiming it into the darkness.

“Whoa,” David called out, “Friendly down range.”

“Step out,” Mendez stated, his gun still at the ready.

“Mendez, it’s me,” David said as he stepped out with his arms raised.


“Do you know what they’re saying about you kid?” Mendez asked his gun still aimed.

“They’re calling me a cop killer,” David stated, “But I’m not.  You know I’m just out here trying to help people.”

“I know, kid.  I believed in you when they started investigating you,” Mendez retorted, “but all those officers were found dead after pursuing you.”

“It wasn’t my fault,” David explained, “I tried to save them.”

“Then who was it?” Mendez asked.

“Legion is back,” David sighed letting his arms fall.

“Legion,” Mendez muttered as his arms dropped in shock, his cigarette falling out of his mouth, “But how is that psychopath back? You took him down.”

“I’m not sure,” David said walking toward Mendez, “But we need to figure something out.  He owns the police.”

“Well he sure as fuck don’t own me,” Mendez muttered, frantically lighting another cigarette.

“Relax, I stopped him once I will again,” David explained, “But first, we need to get off the streets.”

David grabbed Mendez and the two merged with the electrical current.  They erupted into David’s apartment, and Mendez dropped to the floor.

“Jesus Christ!” Mendez shouted holding his chest while trying to catch his breath, “This is how you get around?”

“If I don’t feel like walking,” David said with a chuckle.

Ms. Pond trotted up to Mendez and began rubbing against his arm.  Mendez’s vision was still a bit blurry but began to clear.

“Is that,” Mendez began through breaths, “a cat?”

“That’s Miss Amelia Pond,” David stated while walking over to the fridge, “Pet her and say hello.”

Mendez was still confused and looked around as he stood up.

“So you just live in a normal apartment?” Mendez questioned.

“Were you expecting the Batcave?” David asked with a chuckle as he handed Mendez a drink, “Drink this it’ll help with the shock.”

“I don’t know what I expected,” Mendez said sitting on the couch and having some of his drink.

“I’m just a normal guy,” David said sitting down on the other end of the couch, “I’ll show you.”

David removed his mask and set it on the table.

“You really are just some kid,” Mendez said in shock staring at David.

“I just want to help everyone I can,” David explained, “I always felt useless until I got these powers.  They give me a reason to keep going, keep fighting.  I can’t Legion take that away.”

“Then let’s fight this kid,” Mendez said raising his glass.

The two collided their glasses and then drank in agreement.


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