S05E06: Dial 9-1-1

David felt a cold shiver run down his spine.

How is this possible?

His heart pounding, David stood up, his back pushing against the wall behind him. He could feel the panic settling in.

“David,” Legion playfully called out, “Are you just going to hide all day?”

“How are you back?” David muttered loudly from his hiding spot.

Some of the police officers shifted around with their guns aimed to get a sight on David.

“Oh David,” Legion chuckled, “I never left.”

“I killed you,” David shouted.

“No, you saved me like the hero you are,” Legion stated excitedly, “but now that I’m awake. Things are going to get fun.”


David was breathing heavy. His mind racing on how to figure this out.  His wound was almost healed but was still sore.

I could go right for him again. No, shit. The cops would shoot me. I could just run. No, I can’t leave him running around. Especially, as the police. Fuck. Fuck. What am I going to do? Stall.

“Let the police go,” David called out, “This is between us.”

“The police? They’re all me,” The entire room stated in unison.

“You’re controlling innocent people,” David stated.

“That is true,” Legion asked, “You think I care about any of that?”

All of the police suddenly stood at attention. They each hand their guns pointed to the side of their heads.

“I’ll kill every one of them,” Legion laughed as one of the officers fired their gun, killing themselves.

“No!” David shouted.

“Come out and play David,” Legion called as another officer shot themselves.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

David was frozen with panic. He did not know what to do. He had to do something.

I just have to go.

David charged into the room to try and shock all the officers quickly.  Within his first couple of steps, gunfire flooded the room as every officer committed suicide.  David managed to tackle the suited man.  The two rolled around trying to overpower each other.  They traded punches until David managed to hold Legion down.

“David, still playing hero?” Legion asked struggling against David.

“Why are you doing this?” David asked fighting to keep Legion subdued.

“Isn’t it obvious David?” Legion said escaping from David and moving back away from him.

David stood confused still trying to think on his feet, poorly.

“I was your biggest fan David,” Legion said catching his breath from the struggle, “I was doing everything I could to make you the hero you should be and you tried to hurt me.”

“You’re insane,” David muttered back.

“That may be, but that just means things are going to be more fun,” Legion said as he jumped out of the window.

“No!” David shouted as he bolted after him.

David surged through the air chasing after Legion, trying to catch him.  Legion was laughing wildly through the air until he smacked onto the concrete.  There was screaming through the crowded street as David landed beside him in a flash of electricity.

“Oh my God! Hollow killed a cop!” someone screamed.


“He’s no hero!” another voice called out.

No. No. Fuck.

David quickly bolted into the electrical stream as the crowd began to form a mob against him.


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