S05E05: For We Are Many

Season 5 banner

David scurried through alleyways.  David made his way into the back entrance of an apartment building.  He worked his way into the stairwell, he could feel himself getting light headed.

I need to find somewhere to hide.

David leaned against the wall and smeared a blood trail as he worked his way up the steps.  He staggered a few steps but continued up.

I’ve got to stop this bleeding.

David worked his way up a couple more floors but he was getting very dizzy.  He needed help.  He was looking back while moving and ran into a woman knocking her down.


“Oh my God I am so sorry,” David muttered while wincing some as he held his wound.

“You’re the Hollow!” the woman exclaimed looking up from the floor.

“Help,” David muttered before collapsing.

The woman noticed the blood and panicked.  She grabbed David and dragged him to her apartment.  She got him to the couch and went for her medical kit.  She began to put on her gloves and ripped open David’s costume.

“You’re in luck,” the woman explained while going through the kit for her supplies, “My boyfriend got shot before.”

The woman checked the wound for the bullet but it had gone through.

“Yeah, he was in a gang,” the woman continued while getting out bandages, “What a loser.  He’s dead now.  Shot too many times, ha.”

She got the bleeding to stop and bandages in place.

“You know I am on the market,” the woman said while staring at David but he was still passed out, “The name is Becca.”

An awkward silence filled the room.

“Right, well you think about it,” Becca said standing up to put her supplies away.


The police searched through the building.  They could track the blood trail but it was not consistent.

“Canvas the building,” Detective Waylan ordered, “He couldn’t have gotten far.  We’re not losing him again.”

The police went from apartment to apartment checking to see if any of the tenants had seen Hollow.  None of them had seen anything so they moved from floor to floor.  David awoke with a shock.  He looked around quickly, confused.

“Morning sunshine,” Becca said walking back into the room.

“Where am I?” David asked sitting up.

“My humble abode,” Becca said with her arms out as if to show off her apartment.

David could hear the sound of people approaching outside the apartment.

The police.

“I’m not here,” David stated as he darted from the couch.

David was still unable to bolt into the electrical stream but he could feel his wound healing.  He hid around the corner from the living room.  The police spotted the blood spot and drag marks.  They all maneuvered outside of Becca’s door.  After a nod of ready, a policeman kicked open the door.  Becca began screaming.

“Police!” Waylan shouted, “Where is he?”

“Where is who? Becca asked from the couch she had fallen on in shock.

“You know,” Waylan said putting his gun away while staring at Becca.

Something seemed off about the police officers.

“He’s in the room behind me,” Becca calmly said after a moment.

What the fuck? Come on.

“David, come on out,” Waylan announced.

How does he know my name?

“What don’t like to play games anymore?” Waylan asked with a smirk.

What is this guy talking about?

“You know, Astrid was more fun,” Waylan stated.

No, it can’t be.

Maniacal laughter erupted among the officers.  They each slid on pale mustached masks in unison as a suited man walked in.

“Did you miss me?” Legion asked with a chuckle, “Because boy have I miss you, David.”


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