S05E04: Thunder Rolls, and A Hero Strikes

Season 5 banner

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?” David said smoking his fourth cigarette of the hour.

Ms. Pond meowed at David while rubbing on his leg.

“Not right now,” David said pushing her away with his leg and leaned his head onto the back of the couch, “Why are the cops after me?”

David just sat in the darkness of the living room.  A fog of cigarette smoke drifted around the room.

David’s mind wandered on why the police would be chasing him.  He was a hero.  He had been helping them for a while now.  Sure, he had stumbled a bit, but he had saved lives.  Gradually, the thought was driving David crazy.  He was pacing his apartment until he decided he could not let the police get in the way.  The people needed him.  He would just have to be more careful, no more traps.

Well, clearly the police scanner would be a bad idea.

David started flipping through some channels on his television.  He could not find anything special.  Suddenly, a live news report interrupted.  There was a shootout going on outside of a bank between the thieves and the police.

I save the police maybe they’ll lay off.


David quickly suited up and walked back into the living room to check the television again.  Just before he bolted into the electrical stream Ms. Pond started meowing at him.

“Jesus, right when I’m busy?” David asked with a sigh.

David put some food into her dish and with a surge of electricity bolted into the television.  The news helicopter was hovering above the scene.  The anchor was sitting inside reporting into his microphone.  The camera man was leaning out of the side.  There was some electrical feedback from the camera.  The cameraman leaned back inside the helicopter to check his camera.  David emerged from it and dropped out of the helicopter.

“Thanks, guys,” David announced with a salute as he fell.

“Holy shit did you see that?” The cameraman exclaimed.

“Please tell you’re still filming,” the news anchor stated, “This is about to get good.”

David dropped through the air and with a fierce bolt of electricity like lightning, he landed among the thieves.  They were all in shock for a moment.  David weaved through the bullets, disappearing with surges of electricity.  He’d appear to knock a man out then vanish in a bolt again.  The thieves were panicking and firing wildly.  They ended up shooting each other before David subdued all of them.  He then stood triumphant among them.  The cops stood, still aiming at David.

“Whoa, guys I’m just here to help you guys,” David announced with his hands raised.

“Stand down!” a voice shouted.

“Thank you,” David retorted relaxing some.

“Get down on your knees!” the voice shouted as they emerged from the police cars revealing Detective Waylan.

“Seriously? This still?” David asked walking forward a few steps.

“Stay there or we will shoot!” Waylan shouted, his gun aimed directly at David.

“I’m just trying to help you guys,” David explained, “I’m on your side.”

David could see that Waylan was not backing down.

I have to get out of here.

David’s body radiated emanated electricity as he went to bolt when he heard a gunshot ring out.  David stopped in his tracks.

(Flashes of Syntax aimed at him and the gunfire repeating over and over)

David looked down and put his hand over his torso.  When he raised his hand to see, it was painted in blood.  David tried to bolt but only made it several feet.  Police began to pursue as David tried to flee.

This isn’t good.


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