S05E03: Bring On The Night

Season 5 banner

It had been such a long day.  Between the mountains of paperwork and dealing with the Hollow Taskforce that had been kicked into high gear, Lieutenant Mendez was tired.  He looked over his cluttered desk with a powerful sigh.  He opened the center drawer of his desk and removed the crumpled pack of cigarettes.  Two left.  He pushed the pack into his pocket and straighten his jacket as he rose from his chair.  As he hit the threshold of his office, Detective Waylan approached him.

“Sir, I was wondering if I could discuss a case with you,” Waylan asked while holding a couple folders.

“Not right now son,” Mendez said pushing passed Waylan, his eyes trained on the exit.


Waylan stood mildly upset, watching as Lieutenant Mendez made his way to the exit.  Lieutenant Mendez worked his way up the stairs, his aging knees beginning to ache.  When he hit the top, he rubbed his knee then pulled the pack of cigarettes out of his pocket.  With a few flicks of his lighter, his cigarette was lit and the pack was wedge back into his pocket.  He pushed open the door and stuck a stone in the way of it shutting all the way like he had done so many times.

Mendez walked over to the edge of the roof and leaned against the edging.  His view faded into the vastness of the city streets.

“So is this where you meet him?” Waylan asked silently walking up.

“Meet who?” Mendez asked after a long sigh.

“The Hollow,” Waylan stated holding up his files, “or rather the vigilante.”

“Oh, the hero of this city?” Mendez asked as he turned around.

“Hero?” Waylan asked becoming enraged, “He’s no hero.  He’s a blight on this city.”

Mendez just stood listening to Waylan’s rambling, taking long drags of his cigarette.  He was out here to relax with a smoke, he was not wasting it.

“We had Legion,” Waylan continued paging through his files, “We had Syntax who was decimating the police force, we had Harbinger.  Harbinger.  Death himself.”

Mendez let out a large puff of smoke and asked, “So?”

“So? So?!” Waylan exclaimed waving his files around, “Before this Hollow guy showed up we didn’t have this happen.  We had simple crimes.  Now we have maniacs running wild and he’s one.”

Mendez tossed his cigarette to the ground and twisted his foot into it to put it out.  He let out a sigh.

“He didn’t start them but he stopped every one of them,” Mendez retorted, “He’s saved countless lives.  If it were up to me, you wouldn’t be hunting him, you’d be thanking him.”

“No offense sir,” Waylan said stepping forward, “But it’s not up to you.  This comes from higher up than you.”

“Good luck Detective,” Mendez said walking back to the stairwell door, “There are plenty of people out there that see him as a hero.”

“He’s no hero,” Waylan smugly retorted over his shoulder to Mendez.

Mendez shook his head as he went through the door and back down the stairs.  Waylan walked over the city much like Mendez was.

“I’ll get the son of a bitch,” Waylan muttered into the night.


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