S05E02: It’s the Sound of the Police

Season 5 banner

David walked from his bedroom and walked to the fridge and saw it lacked food.

“Really should go shopping,” he said as he closed the fridge and then walked to the couch, “But first the task at hand.”

David sat on the couch and lit a cigarette.  He took a few quick drags and turned on the television.  He flipped through the channels.  He stopped at some cartoons for a moment and after a quick laugh, he continued onto the news.  The report was about how sunny the weather had been after Harbinger had been stopped.

“Well, that’s nice but doesn’t help me,” David said setting his cigarette down in the ashtray.

David got on his computer and started searching around.  He ran some police scanner programs and just sat with his cigarette to listen.  The scanner was silent for quite some time.  After numerous channel switches, David left it running but moved back to the couch.  Ms. Pond curled up in his lap and he rubbed on her neck line just as she liked.  Then a call came in.  A hostage situation in the warehouse district in the abandoned part of the city.

“What is with criminals and hostage?” David said to Ms. Pond.


David leaped from the couch and suited up in his new suit he made when he got back.  With a flash of electricity, David was in the electrical current.  He emerged in an alley in the district.  The electrical system was faulty in the area, the lights tended to flicker occasionally so he could not make it further.  The area was quiet.

This is strange.

David began searching the area for the hostage situation.  He could not find any sign of anyone.

This is REALLY strange.

Then David thought he could hear someone in one of the buildings.  He approached it cautiously.

Finally, but shouldn’t the police be here?

David snuck through the door.  After a small hallway, it opened to the main floor of the warehouse.  There were scattered stacks of boxes and at least an inch of dust on everything.  David walked in and stepped into a spider web.

Sweet fuck!

David began flailing around to get the web off of him.  Suddenly, flashlights and laser sights beamed at him from the warehouse balconies.  David froze.

“Well this is awkward,” David said looking around.

SWAT members moved close to David, their guns pointed at him.  Detectives wearing vests in tow.

“Put your hands where we can see them!” Detective Waylan called out.

“Whoa, what?” David asked with confusion in his voice.

“Get your hands up!” Detective Waylan shouted his gun trained on David.

“Guys, I’m on the same side as you,” David explained.

“You’re no better than the suck rampaging this city!” Detective Waylan exclaimed, “All this craziness is your fault and you’re going down for it.”

“Seriously guys,” David muttered.

“Down on your knees!” Detective Waylan shouted while stepping forward.

“Alright, alright,” David said getting down to his knees.

This is not good. Think. Think.

A SWAT member moved forward getting his restraints to put on David.  The SWAT member grabbed David’s wrist.

Got it.

“Sorry about this,” David said quickly.

David sent a small shock the SWAT member sending him stumbling back.  He sent a flare of electricity out that blinded the room.  With a quick bolt, he was out of the room and out of the building.

Seriously what the fuck is going on.

David bolted out until he could merge with the electrical system and was gone.  The police emerged from the warehouse quickly.

“Shit!” Detective Waylan shouted looking around wildly, “I want a perimeter grid search, We’ll get this son of a bitch.”


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