S04E09: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Season 4 banner

Everything was white. Everything was quiet.  David put his hand to his chest and realized the wound was gone.

Where am I?

David looked around at the nothingness and saw two figures in the distance.

“Hello?” David called out but heard nothing in return.

David went to bolt forward but fell on his face instead.

What’s going on? Where are my powers? Wait, where is that asshole me? That’s right…

David’s head filled with images of Astrid, and her attacking him.  Then the final blow through his heart.

I’m dead.

David stood up and peered at the figures in the distance.

Then who are they then?

David began jogging over to them and the figures became clearer.

Oh shit.

Knelt down was a grim shadowy figure, its appearance much like Harbinger’s but it also had a set of wings.  It had clear rot from death but seemed to be drained even more so pass that.  The figure was surrounded by a green glow with a tether coming from it.  The tether extended to a robed man standing behind it, repeatedly murmuring words David didn’t understand.

“Hel-,” David began.

Am I a freaking idiot?

“Harbinger!” David growled.

The robed man opened his eyes and looked over to David.

“Impossible,” Harbinger exclaimed.

“You used the love of my life to kill me?” David stated, the ferocity of his voice growing, “You will fucking pay for that.”

“You have no power here hero,” Harbinger said with a chuckle.

“That is true,” David said looking down to his palms then back up again, “Doesn’t mean I can’t fucking beat your ass with my bare hands.”

Harbinger released his hand posture and caught David as David lunged at him.  The tether broke as the two were sent rolling through the empty space.  David landed several hard punches to Harbinger’s head before being thrown off.

“I already told you,” Harbinger stated, “You can’t beat me,  boy.”

Oh shit.

“Looks like I don’t have to,” David declared.

Harbinger was confused as the area around him was drowned in a black torrent swirling around him.  David watched as the angel of death crept high above the cyclone.

“You fool!” Death growled as his wings unfurled.

The shadow of Death blanketed of Harbinger.

“Try to steal my power?” Death growled

This is badass.

“No please,” Harbinger pleaded dropping to his knees.

“Eternity of nothingness awaits you!” Death barked as the cyclone tightened around Harbinger.

Pieces of Harbinger began to tear away.  His screams grew louder as he was torn down to the bone, then his bones turned to dust and he was gone.  Death’s gaze turned to David.

Oh fuck.


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