S04E08: Romeo and Juliet Died in The End

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David bolted out of the crowd and stood out the far edge, opposite of Harbinger.

“Stop this!” David called out.

“You can’t stop me, Hollow,” Harbinger growled raising his scythe to point at David, “Kill him.”

“Nice try,” David said with a chuckle as electricity surged from his eyes.

He put his hands out and shocked the entire crowd into unconsciousness.

“Seen that trick before,” David called out.

“Okay, a bit cocky aren’t we?” Dark David sneered.

“Well played,” Harbinger growled, “But that’s not all.”

“Where did Astrid go?” Dark David shouted from his chair.

A large tree root swung through the air and smashed into David, sending him flying forward.  He turned onto his back to see behind him.

“What did I ever see in you?” Astrid asked walking up to him, “You’re so pathetic.”

“Astrid don’t do this,” David pleaded, “This isn’t you.”

“Oh dear,” Astrid chuckled, “Begging so suits you.”

Astrid swept her arms through the air and massive vines burst from the ground and stabbed toward David. David bolted to his feet and around the courtyard dodging the vines.  He bolted toward Astrid and shoulder charged into her, sending her sliding back, then to the ground.

“David?” Astrid weakly questioned.

“Is that you?” David muttered, stopping in his tracks.

“How could you hit me?” Astrid shouted as her energy wings formed and a tree root burst from behind her smashing into David’s chest sending him flying backward.

“So gullible,” Astrid said with a chuckle standing back up, “No wonder you believed I actually loved you.”

“Fuck this is worse than I thought up,” Dark David said in amazement, “I’m disappointed in myself.”

“Astrid please,” David pleaded beginning to tear up, “Please don’t do this.  He’s controlling you.”

“Will you just shut up?” Astrid said wrapping David up in vines and suspending him in the air.

“This is bad, David,” Dark David stated.

“Astrid!” David shouted through his tears, “You were the love of my life.  I know you loved me too.  Don’t do this!”

“David,” Astrid said in a tender voice walking up close to David “I may have loved you.”

Astrid leaned in and kissed David on the cheek.

“But that died because of you,” Astrid whispered in David’s ear as she drove a tree root through David’s chest.

“Fuck, not again,” Dark David muttered fading away.

David let out a gasp of air before his lungs filled with blood.

“If you’re really as hollow as you say,” Astrid stated with a smirk, “You won’t need your heart.”


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