S04E07: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Season 4 banner

“Gather before me,” Harbinger growled to the gathering group.

The sky was getting darker the longer he spoke.  Beside him stood a slender girl.  She wore a mask, clad in a green leaf-like dress.  Her fire colored hair flowing in the wind.

“Through me,” Harbinger bellowed, “through my power, I may bring you immortality.  Kneel before me.”

People continued to gather before the menacing duo, many beginning to kneel.

“Yes, worship me as your God,” Harbinger exclaimed “I have control over life and death.  There will be no more pain.  No more fear.  You shall live forever!”

The air filled with electricity.  All the light burst and with an explosion of electricity, David emerged amongst the crowd.

“Stop this now!” David shouted, slurring a bit.

“Ah, the great hero arrives,” Harbinger growled looking to his partner, “I brought a friend of yours this time.”

“Astrid,” David muttered.

“Holy shit, it really is her,” Dark David stated, “Wait he’s just stealing my thing.”

“You say you’re here to stop the pain,” David called out, “but all you’ve done is caused it.”

“I don’t wish to hurt,” Harbinger snarled, “but those who do not follow me will be dealt with.”

“So you bring back the girl who was the most wonderful girl in the world,” David retorted, “You bring her back to destroy me?”

“That’s right hero,” Harbinger growled, “She will rip out your heart.”

“I am no hero,” David exclaimed, “I am Hollow.”

David bolted through the crowd and up to Harbinger.  He lunged with a surge of electricity encasing his body and drove his fist into Harbinger.  David was engulfed in darkness then emerged back into the light behind Harbinger.

“You cannot hurt me,” Harbinger chuckled, “But I can hurt you.”

Harbinger swung his scythe at David.  David caught it with his hands before the blade could cut him and was thrown, rolling into the crowd.

“Well this is going swimmingly,” Dark David called out sitting in a lawn chair outside the crowd eating popcorn.

“Shut up,” David muttered as he raised himself to his hands and knees.

Harbinger swung his scythe through the air as the darkness surrounded the crowd and then faded. Astrid smirked as the crowd all turned to David, their eyes cold and dead.

“Oh!” Dark David began spitting out some popcorn.

“Shit,” David finished.


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