S04E06: Started at the Bottom, Still There

Season 4 banner

Beer bottles clanged together as David rolled off the couch.  He let out a groan as he hit the floor.

“God you’re a fucking disgrace,” Dark David stated, sitting on the back of the couch looking down on David.

“Shut the fuck up,” David grumbled as he staggered to stand up.

“David, as much as I hate you,” Dark David said jumping down to sit on the couch, “This is just pathetic.”

“You’re pathetic,” David retorted searching for a non-empty beer bottle.

“Wow,” Dark David exclaimed, “That was so original.”

“Don’t you ever just fuck off?” David questioned looking up from the pile of bottles, his face showing teary anger.

“A bullet in your skull would certainly get rid of me,” Dark David stated with a grin.

David let out a large sigh, dropped the empty bottle in his hand and went to the fridge.  He pulled the door open and lifted the cardboard case of beer.  Could only feel a couple bottles left.

“Shit,” David muttered.

“Ut oh,” Dark David mocked, not sitting on the counter next to the fridge, “Someone’s almost out.”

David grabbed the last beer from the box, pulling the box with it on his wrist.  He flicked his wrist and tossed the box toward the garbage. He cracked open the beer and chugged it.

“Fuck it,” David said followed by a loud belch, “I’ll get more, later.”

David walked into his bedroom and passed back out on his bed.  Hours later, he stumbled out of his bedroom and walked to the fridge.

“You’re out dumb-dumb,” Dark David announced from the couch.

“Shut up,” David said vanishing into a surge of electricity and then moments later, reappearing opening the fridge, two cases of beer with him.  He put the cases in the fridge, ripped one open and took a few with him to the couch.

“So what’s the plan today?” Dark David said as David plopped down on the couch next to him, “A day of drinking and self-loathing?”

“God, can you just shut up?” David asked taking a large swig of his beer and petting Ms. Pond who had curled up on his lap.

“David, you’re here alone with your cat, this is just sad,” Dark David chuckled, “You seriously need some friends.”

“No one gives enough of a fuck to stick around, right?” David muttered chugging more of his beer.

David set the bottle down on the table next to his mask he had drawn a red smile on again much like his first.  He turned on his gaming console since it had been awhile.  He turned the television on and began flipping through the channels to the correct one but stopped on the news.

The news anchor: “Breaking news, here where the monster known as Harbinger has appeared again.  He is still asking everyone to worship him, to kneel before him as our God over death itself.  Something new has occurred, though.  The monster is no longer alone, he seems to have acquired a disciple.”

“Oh shit,” Dark David chuckled.

“It can’t be” David muttered sitting forward toward the television.


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