S04E05: I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge

Season 4 banner

David groaned as he awoke. He had a powerful stretch and then laid his arm on the bed.  He found it empty.

“Astrid?” David asked looking around, “She’s probably taking her morning social media.”

David laid in bed waiting but Astrid never returned.  He became confused when he realized how quiet the apartment was.  He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.  There was no one in there.

“Dear?” David questioned.

Quiet chuckling.

David got concerned and walked out into the living room.  The room was dark and empty.  David began frantically looking around.

“Astrid?” David called out again even he could see no one was there, but hoping to hear a response.

Quiet chuckling.

David grabbed his phone and began to find Astrid’s number.  The room filled with blackness causing David to drop the phone.  The swirling blackness formed into Harbinger in front of David.

“Hero!” Harbinger growled.

In shock, David lunged forward but went right through Harbinger.

“You can’t harm me, I am only in astral form,” Harbinger stated, “But I will find you.  You will kneel before me.”

“What have you done with her?” David shouted turning back around to Harbinger.

“Her?” Harbinger snarled.

“What have you done?” David exclaimed, electricity radiating from his eyes.

“Ah yes, your partner,” Harbinger retorted, “Astrid Rose.  Also known as Ginger Snap.  Died August 22nd at the hands of the creature known as Legion.”

Dark had flashes of Astrid bleeding in front of him, the laugh of Legion echoing in his head.

“Ah, she was more than just some sidekick,” Harbinger chuckled, “You loved her.”

“Bring her back!” David shouted.

“Weakness hero,” Harbinger growled, “will be your downfall.”

Harbinger vanished into his smoke.  David dropped to the floor.

“Astrid,” David sobbed, “I will save you.”

A clapping sound came from the other side of the room.

“What?” David muttered looking up with his teary eyes.

“That was such a heroic moment,” Dark David chuckled walking over to David, “but it’s pointless.”

“You?” David questioned.

“I never left David,” Dark David said, “but guess who was never here.  Astrid.”

David looked to Dark David puzzled.

“It was me,” Dark David explained, “I brought her back so you could lose her all over again.  What a fluke that guy showed up.”

Flashes ran through David’s head. He was talking to himself in bed. When he was fighting, he was alone.

“That’s why her powers never worked?” David muttered.

David broke down as he realized she was never really there.  He curled up one the floor sobbing.

Dark David stood over David hysterically laughing.


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