S04E04: Don’t Tase Me, Bro

Season 4 banner

David awoke to Astrid returning from the bathroom.

“The sky is really dark,” Astrid stated as she looked out the window.

“I’m sure it’s just going to rain or something dear,” David said stretching, “Come back to bed.”

“No this is really dark,” Astrid explained with concern in her voice, “I’m going to check the tv.”

David let out a mild groan as Astrid walked out of the room.  After stretching again, David joined her in the living room.

“Can’t we just have one day off?” David questioned coming up behind the couch.

“Apparently not, do you see this?” Astrid said, her eyes glued to the television.

There was a live news broadcast occurring at the city center.

“Just moments ago, a dark figure emerged here at the city center,” the news reporter stated, “Calling himself the Harbinger of Death.  He is calling for everyone to gather and listen to what he has to say. Many feel uneasy due to his dark demeanor and his grotesque weaponry.”

“Well that can’t be good,” David muttered, “We have to go.”

“Yes,” Astrid replied springing from the couch.

The two jumped into costume and bolted into the electrical stream immediately.

In the city center, people had begun to gather even though they were terrified of the figure before them.

“Gather before me!” Harbinger called out, “Gather my brothers and sisters.  I am the ruler of life and death.  Worship me and I shall grant you immortality!”

David and Astrid emerged from the electrical current with a surge of electricity.

“Stop right there!” David called out.

“Ah, the hero of this city,” Harbinger growled, “I’m glad you’ve arrived.  Come to join me?”

“Join you?” David asked, “You’re clearly insane.  I’ve come to save these people from you.”

“Save them, from me?” Harbinger questioned, “I’m trying to save them.”

“By worshipping you,” David stated, “You’re only here for power.”

“It is a simple request for immortality,” Harbinger growled, “Now, kneel.”

“Never,” David exclaimed.

“Then die!” Harbinger shouted swiping his scythe through the air.

The crowd was blanketed in a cloud of black smoke, much like Harbinger’s robe.  After some choking the crowd, dropped to their knees but then stood in unison.  Their eyes as dead as Harbinger’s.

David and Astrid looked in horror at the crowd.  David leaped at Harbinger.  His vision went completely black as he was engulfed by the black smoke and then it cleared.  David spun around but Harbinger was gone.  The crowd had begun to leap at them.

“Shit,” Astrid called out.

“We can’t hurt them,” David shouted across the area to Astrid, “These are innocent people.”

David bolted over to Astrid and then they began to run from the crowd.

“Fuck, what are we supposed to do?” Astrid question.

“We can only knock them out,” David said.

“We’re electric, shock them like a taser?” Astrid asked.

“Good idea,” David retorted.

The two turned and bolted into the crowd.  They began to give them mild shocks or subduing punches to knock them out. After a few moments, the couple stood among a bunch of groaning people on the ground.  Their eyes faded back to their natural color.

“This isn’t good,” Astrid said, “Did you see his fucking scythe? Was that a spine?”

“This is not good at all,” David stated, “We need to get out of here.”

The two bolted back to into the electrical current.


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