S04E03: Power, More or Less

Season 4 banner

The large temple was tucked into the mountains.  The center room had tall, vast ceilings held up with massive pillars.  Between the pillars hung dishes with fire.  Rows of pews were full of praying robed individuals. A man stood over the temple’s altar at the end of the room.  He was peering into the smoldering cauldron on the altar.

“My lord, our followers have finished the rituals,” the black robed monk explained walking up to the altar.

“Good,” the man said, “Now we complete the final right.”

“Yes my lord,” the monk said.

“That was so weird,” Astrid said looking at her hands.

“That may have been the most fucked up thing I’ve seen,” David said taking his helmet off.

“That was messed up but I meant my powers,” Astrid retorted, “They didn’t work.”

“That was weird,” David said turning to Astrid.

Astrid turned to David and zapped him.

“Ow!” David exclaimed.

“They seem to be working now,” Astrid said with a chuckle.

“Very funny,” David stated.

Astrid vanished with a surge of electricity into the electrical current then reemerged again.

“Everything seems fine,” Astrid said puzzled, “I don’t understand.”

“Maybe it was some weird fluke,” David stated.

“Maybe,” Astrid said.

“We can’t risk it happening again, though,” David explained, “I can’t risk having you out there again.”

“Oh no,” Astrid exclaimed, “You are not locking me up here again.”

“But dear,” David began.

“But dear nothing,” Astrid interrupted, “Just because I didn’t zap one guy does not mean I’m staying out of this.”

David smirked.

“You know I love you,” David said peering at Astrid with puppy eyes.

Astrid was caught off guard.

“You’re so small but so tough,” David explained, “It’s adorable.  I love it.”

“Well I love you too,” Astrid said with a small chuckle then leaned in and kissed David.

The temple’s ritual altar was prepared,

“Tonight we achieve what we have sought for, for so long,” the man standing over the altar exclaimed, “Power over death itself!”

The man began to chant and the room followed suit.  Their voices echoing together through the great hall.  The man picked up a dagger from the altar and carved a symbol into his forehead.  The same symbol that was painted in blood on the apartment wall.

“Tonight I end this life,” the man shouted as the room continued to chant, “So I may return everlasting.”

The man took the dagger and plunged it into his chest and collapsed.  The room continued its chants.  Everything faded away and the man was left within nothing but pure white. Then blackness spiraled around him and standing before him was the angel of death.

“I’ve come for you,” Death growled towering over the man.

“No, I’ve come for you,” the man stated before continuing the chanting.

“No, the ritual,” Death growled noticing the mark on the man’s forehead, “You can’t.”

Death swept its massive scythe at the man before there was a bright flash of light from the man.

The man’s bleeding chest wound healed and he leaped to his feet on the altar.  His eyes still a glassy white as he peered around the chanting room.

“My lord?” a robed monk questioned, Has it worked?”

“Yes,” the man growled.

The man gripped the monk by his throat.  Flowing black robes swept around the man, almost like liquid.  He placed the skull mask from the altar onto his face.  With almost no effort, the man ripped the monk’s head and spine from his body.  With a quick jerk, the spine straightened and a blade came from the mouth like Death’s scythe.  The man stood overlooking his followers.

“Now,” the man stated with a fierce growl, “I am the Harbinger.”


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