S04E02: Army of Two

Season 4 banner

David and Astrid emerged from the electrical current on a rooftop overlooking the hostage situation. It was in an apartment building and police had evacuated the other apartments and had the building surrounded. The couple ducked behind the edge of the building before the sharpshooters could see them.

“I think I saw Mendez down there,” David stated.

“Who?” Astrid asked, puzzled.

“Right,” David realizing Astrid had not met him, “He the Detective that’s been helping me while you were… gone.”

“Oh nice,” Astrid said.

“I should talk to him to find out what’s happening,” David stated, “Stay here, he knows me but the police are still weary.  Don’t want to overwhelm him.”

“Okay, I’ll keep watch,” Astrid said adjusting her position to improve her view of the scene.

Mendez stepped away from the standoff to grab a quick cigarette.  He walked over to the opposite side of the street and stood by one of the alleys.  He lit his cigarette, took a long drag and released it with a sigh.

“Ah fuck,” Mendez uttered.

“Those things will be the death of you,” David said with a bit of a laugh walking from the shadows.

“Or this god damn city will,” Mendez stated.

“It’s good to see you, detective,” David said.

“Actually its lieutenant now,” Mendez said, “Guess there were a few job openings after everything settled down.”

“Congrats,” David responded.

“I like the new suit,” Mendez said taking another drag of his cigarette.

“I guess you could say we both got a promotion,” David said with a chuckle, “So what’s the situation?”

“We’ve got some wacko in there, has a family hostage,” Mendez explained, “Won’t maintain contact. We’re going to have to breach soon. Which I hate, such a risk to the hostages, but it’s the last option we got.”

“Hold them off,” David requested, “Give me a shot to solve this.”

“You won’t have long,” Mendez stated, “Apartment 6D. Go.”

Mendez ran off flicking his cigarette while David bolted into the electrical stream back up to Astrid.

“Mendez is going to buy us some time,” David blurted out, “But we won’t have long. Let’s go.”

Astrid grabbed onto David and the two bolted into the electrical stream.

The couple knew they did not have long to scope out the area so they erupted directly into the room the hostage taker was in.  The sight was appalling.  There was blood splattered all over the room.  It looked as though the man had drained his hostages and painted the walls with them.  He has created a large symbol on the wall, David had not seen before.

Astrid lunged at the man, she grabbed him and began to shock him but nothing happened.

“What the fuck?” Astrid questioned.

Before the man could counter her, David grabbed a hold of the man and slammed him against the wall.

“Why?” David shouted, his anger carried on every breath.

“He’s coming,” the man muttered, “and you can’t stop him.”

David was about to electrocute the man but dropped him to the floor instead.  The mad sat on his knees laughing uncontrollably.  The couple could hear the cops moving into position on the door.

“We should go,” Astrid said placing her hand on David’s shoulder and they vanished into the electrical current.

Still laughing the man muttered once more, “He’s coming.”


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