S04E01: Nightmare

Season 4 banner

News anchor: “The city has been driven into turmoil yet again as a madman set siege to governing officials. Luckily the masked hero known as The Hollow defeated him allowing the city to seek the peace it needs.  If you’re hearing this Hollow, us here at Channel 7 News would like to thank you.”

David came bursting from the powerline transformer and began skating along the lines.  He was laughing joyously and doing flips over the poles. The people below pointed and waved. Children were cheering to see the hero of the city.  

Gradually the sky started fading to darkness.  David’s surroundings began fading to trees.  He hit the end of the power lines and was thrown forward.  He hit the ground on his stomach and slid forward. When he raised his view, in front of him stood Astrid with a smile.  Suddenly, her smile faded and blood began to pour from her mouth.  She dropped to her knees, clutching her torso.  Blood poured from between her fingers from the wound.

“No, no, no!” David exclaimed leaping from the ground and grabbing her.

The only sound louder than David’s sobbing was Legion’s hysterical laughter.

“NO!” David shouted, electricity beginning to radiate from his eyes.

“David, wake up,” Astrid said shaking David.

David sprung up shocked, breathing heavily.

“The nightmares again?” Astrid asked wrapping around David to console him.

“I just keep watching you die,” David said still trying to calm down.

“You’ve been having these nightmares for months but I’m still right here,” Astrid said.

“I know but…” David began.

“But nothing,” Astrid interrupted placing her hand to the side of David’s face, “I know what you saw. But I’m here now.  Right here with you.  And no one is taking me away from you.”

Astrid leaned in and kissed David.  The two of them laid back down and cuddled close.

“I love you so much,” David muttered still choking on his tears a bit.

“I love you too,” Astrid said with a smile then leaned in and kissed David again.

“I never want to lose you,” David said, “not again.”

“You never will,” Astrid stated

David leaned against the wall, still feeling a bit uneasy.  Astrid had her arm wrapped around him and her head on his chest.  He leaned into her and she held him tighter. A small smile emerged on David’s face as he began to calm.  He could feel Astrid’s head slowly sinking as she drifted back to sleep.  His heart fluttered some, then David leaned down and kissed her head.  He leaned back and tried to fall back asleep himself.

David awoke, but was still exhausted.  His eyes still closed he rolled to Astrid’s side of the bed.  He found it empty.

“Astrid?” David asked, his eyes darting open.

David’s view darted around the room but he was unable to find her.  He leaped from his bed and opened the bedroom door.

“Astrid?” David questioned again.

“Morning sleepyhead,” Astrid said with a smile, “Hungry? I’m making some pancakes!”

Blood began to pour from Astrid’s mouth.  A gun shot rang out and all David could hear was Legion’s maniacal laughter.

“Are you okay?” Astrid asked becoming worried.

David snapped out of his daze and walked over to Astrid.

“Nothing a kiss won’t fix,” David said wrapping his arms around Astrid from behind her.

Astrid smiled and turned her head to kiss David.  David went to sit down on the couch and turned on the television.  He began flipping through channels and saw there was a major news story.  With the police still trying to recover from Syntax, a lot of crime had sprung up. There was a hostage situation happening currently, and the police were working to resolve it.

“I’m sorry dear, but it looks like I’m going to have to skip breakfast,” David said standing from the couch.

“If you’re going, I’m going too,” Astrid retorted.

“I can handle it,” David said turning to Astrid, “You can stay here.”

“I have been cooped up in this apartment for months,” Astrid said, “I am not staying here any longer.”

“But…” David began, “It’s safe for you here.”

“Dear,” Astrid said walking up to David and looking into his eyes, “You need to stop worrying.  I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.”

David agreed, he knew there was no sense in fighting her in this, he would never win.  The two suited up.  David in his newly designed suit with Syntax’s helmet and Astrid in David’s old suit.  Since she had returned, her powers had changed to be more like David’s so they thought it was fitting.

“Shall we?” David asked.

“Allow me,” Astrid said.

David wrapped his arm around her and the two bolted into the electrical current.


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