S03E10: Pull The Trigger, Bitch!

Season 3

Syntax stood, his pistol aimed at David.

“You don’t have to do this!” David shouted.

“Yes I do,” Syntax retorted, his hand holding the detonator firmly, “You know what they did.  You know how corrupt they are!”

“There are other ways of doing this,” David explained.

“There is only one way,” Syntax stated moving to push the detonator’s trigger, “To bring it all down around them.”

Syntax pressed the trigger on the detonator and nothing happened.  A red angry face appeared on Syntax’s mask.

“What?” Syntax exclaimed looking at the detonator and frantically pressing the button again and again.

“They did it,” David mumbled to himself.

Downstairs an officer sat on his knees joyously screaming into his microphone.

“This doesn’t mean anything,” Syntax said tossing the detonator, “I’ll still take them down.”

“I won’t let you,” David exclaimed bolting toward Syntax.

Syntax tried to fire his gun but the gun clicked empty.  David appeared in a burst of electricity and tackled into Syntax.  The two tumbled while landing hits into each other. Using his cybernetic arm, Syntax tossed David off of him.  David landed on his feet and hands, sliding some.

“Every plan has a backup plan,” Syntax said pulling a responder from his pocket and activated the strobe.

The sound of an approaching drone could be heard from above the two.  David turned and saw it coming from behind the high-rises.  Syntax pulled out another pistol and began firing at David.  As David bolted around avoiding the bullets, Syntax ran with the drone now sweeping over the roof.  He turned and leaped from the roof catching onto the rope ladder the drone was dragging.

David quickly bolted across the roof and leaped without hesitation.  He bolted through the air and caught Syntax.  The weight of David tugging onto Syntax caused him to lose his grip and the two began falling through the air.

A red angry face appeared on Syntax’s mask.  He wrapped his cybernetic arm around David’s neck.  Just before the duo hit the ground David bolted them into the electrical current. The force of them falling launched them out of the current when they hit the edge of the city.  They tumbled quite a way through the trees.

“I should have just killed you at the graveyard,” Syntax said standing quickly and lunging at David.

David bolted away as Syntax swung his cybernetic arm at him, missing, causing a tree trunk to explode into splinters.

“You’ve been a thorn in my side for this long,” Syntax said swinging again but missing, “and now you’re just going to run?”

“It’s not my fault you’re so slow,” David quipped.

Syntax pulled out a device and tossed into David’s face.  There was a flash of light blinding David and causing him to stagger backward.  With a lunge, Syntax tackled into David send the two of them into a clearing.  David bolted from Syntax further into the clearing, his view still blinded.

Syntax moved in and punched David.  The jarring effect helped stabilize David’s view some.  He could see where the two had ended up, the cabin where Astrid died. He looked toward Syntax but there stood Dark David.

“God, I knew you were fucking pathetic,” Dark David exclaimed as he punched David.

“I’m not…” David mumbled to himself while being knocked back from the punch.

“You are seriously the worst superhero ever,” Dark David said punching David again.

“No…,” David murmured stumbling back into the edge of the water.

“Why don’t you just fucking die already,” Dark David exclaimed landing a final blow that knocked David onto his back in the water.

David moved from his back to his knees, gasping for air.

“Going to die where your biggest failure ever, the death of Astrid, happened, “Dark David said, he then began laughing hysterically.

“I am not pathetic,” David mumbled.

“What?” Syntax said looking at David struggling.

“Don’t fucking talk about her!” David exclaimed, electricity beginning to emanate from his body as he crawled out of the water.

“What are you talking about?” Syntax said taking a step back.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” David exclaimed as a bolt of lightning struck him and he vanished.

Syntax stood in astonishment, an orange shocked face appeared on his helmet, “what.”

A bolt of lightning struck behind Syntax and David emerge encased in surging electricity.  Bolts emanating from his eyes.

“I am not pathetic,” David screamed quickly punching into Syntax, “I am not a failure.”

David kept bolting into Syntax landing heavy hits.  Syntax could barely move quick enough to block the blows.  After several hits, Syntax helmet flew off.  His cybernetic arm dropped to his side and David landed a hit sending him to the ground.

“Well shit,” Syntax got up to his knees, dragging his cybernetic arm, “You severed the connection to my arm.”

David stood over Syntax, his body still radiating electricity.  He punched Syntax hard again, sending him back to the ground.  Syntax knelt back up and spit his mouth full of blood to the ground.

“You think you’ve won?” Syntax said with a chuckle, “I told you every plan has a backup plan.”

David hit him with a fierce uppercut, tossing Syntax back.  Syntax opening a panel on his cybernetic arm and typed in a code.  The arm began beeping and Syntax laid in the dirt laughing. David lunged forward and grabbed Syntax.

“What did you do?” David exclaimed.

“Backup plan,” Syntax chuckled, “I’ll see you soon baby.”

Still holding Syntax, David bolted toward the cabin and tossed Syntax.  Syntax was sent flying through the front door of the cabin, which was followed quickly by an explosion.

“I’ve always hated that cabin,” David said staring at the flames.

David saw a glimmer of light on the ground and realized it was Syntax’s helmet.  David walked over and picked it up.

“I bet I could use this,” David stated before making his way back to his apartment.

David sat on the couch and lit a cigarette.

“Its days like this, I miss you most of all Astrid,” David said with a sigh letting out a large puff of smoke.

A figure walked from the bedroom, and David could feel their presence.

“I’ve seriously got to get better locks,” David mumbled to himself, springing up toward the bedroom.

A look of shock swept across David’s face.

“I’ve missed you too,” the figure said standing in front of David.

“A-Astrid?” David muttered.


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